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Eavesdropping possible in Kyrgyzstan only with court sanction, says national security agency.

Eavesdropping in Kyrgyzstan is possible only with court sanction, State National Security Committee's representative Rahat Sulaimanov told reporters at a round table discussion on March 20.

When someone is suspected of committing a crime, the State National Security Committee applies to the court for permission to tap phone conversations and conduct other investigatory actions, the official explained.

"Frequently, the State National Security Committee is accused of being behind all scandal video clips appearing on the Internet. We have made an official statement on each individual case. We do not do that, since our objective is to ensure safety for citizens, to combat terrorism and extremism, to counteract internal and external threats," Sulaimanov said.

The public foundation "Civil Initiative on Internet Policy" said the lawfully authorized electronic surveillance allows almost everything, including recording of phone conversations of any phone users, interception of SMS and MMS, mobile Internet, access to e-mail accounts, all ICQ, Skype messages, IP telephony.

"As for access to Skype, Facebook, this is beyond our competence. You know well where these programs come from," the national security agency official replied.

"There is no total control today. Control is possible only with court sanction," he added.

When asked whether the national security agency has technical resources for phone tapping and interception of information, the national security agency representative said: "If it is possible to eavesdrop with court sanction, this is possible without sanction. However, this does not necessarily mean that someone eavesdrops any conversations any time."

The population of Kyrgyzstan makes around 5.7 million. There are some 6-7 million mobile users. It is technically impossible to tap all conversations, he said.

"There are cases creating threat to national security, only then eavesdropping is used with court sanction," Rahat Sulaimanov concluded.

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Date:Mar 20, 2014
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