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Eavesdrop Soup.

Eavesdrop Soup

Matt Cook

Manic D Press

PO Box 410804, San Francisco, CA 94141

1933149000 $13.95 1-415-648-8288

Eavesdrop Soup is spoken word Slam champ Matt Cook's second volume of poetry and clearly documents him as a continuing and established original voice in American poetry. Offering a subtext of serious social commentary, Cook's quirky and humorous style redefines the boundaries of poetic tradition while providing the reader with verse that is as entertaining as it is thoughtful and thought provoking. Constructive Criticism: I played trombone in this band in Milwaukee--/But my arms were really short,/So I couldn't hit any of the low notes on the trombone.//I was taking lessons from this guy downtown--/He was always trying to give me constructive criticism./That's what he did--he gave constructive criticism/To trombone players with really short arms.//He was so dedicated, so patient, this guy downtown./He was completely frank with me,/Absolutely candid about every possible matter--/Except for the length of my arms./He would offer completely made-up, roundabout, very sweet,/Explanations as to why this or that horn part wasn't working.//He made it sound as though it were only a suggestion of gumption./He would never, ever, suggest that my arms were too short.
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Author:Karris, Steven T.
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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