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There is no denying, Dubai is close to a culinary heaven when it comes to wining and dining. Spoiled for choice, we can have the pick of the best when the hunger pangs strike - from cheap eats to expensive treats. But if you're looking to pay top dirham for the priciest fare around, you'll have to look a little further afield. New York boasts the world's most expensive burger, it was revealed this week, but where else whips up the most costly comestibles?

A Helluva hamburgerA

Chef extraordinaire Daniel Boulud's double truffle burger was recently knocked off its post as the priciest burger in the world by The Wall Street Burger Shoppe's newly launched patty at dhs630. But what makes this burger so special? A Kobe beef patty, lots of black truffles, seared foie gras, aged Gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and flecks of gold leaf on a brioche bun accompanied by Belgian style fries, golden truffle mayo and with a mixed salad thrown in for free. Decadent? Oh yes.

It's caviar, dahling

Does anyone really like the taste and consistency of caviar or do they just like those mini pancake blinis? Someone must love it, otherwise who would buy the Iranian Beluga called Almas, which means diamonds? It comes from sturgeons that are between 60 and 100 years old and at dhs179,000 per 3.9-pound container, it would take most people that long to pay off the bill. All this, for fish eggs?

Million-euro hangover?

For anyone who has suffered from a tequila drinking night the following day, you're not on such good terms with old Jose Cuervo. But at a cool dhs5,786,000 a pop, a Tequila Ley bottle of Pasion Azteca would give you more than just a headache the morning after. Bottled in a case plated with diamonds, gold and platinum, this is one expensive nightcap you won't soon forget.

We all scream for ice cream

Is there anything better than ice-cream induced brain freeze on a hot summer day? Well, if you're in New York City, your bank account might have to freeze as well if you choose to indulge in the Grand Opulence Sunday at Serendipity.A Made from Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, covered in 23-carat edible gold leaf and drizzled with Amadei Porcelena chocolate, it also comes with gold dragets and truffles, topped with dessert caviar. You get to keep the Baccarat crystal glass it is served in - which is just as well as you'll have to fork out dhs3,600 for this gold-plated treat.

Spice it up

It's a well-known fact that saffron is the world's most expensive spice but can anyone really identify that taste? For the price of dhs10,000 you can try. The price tag is so high because saffron must be harvested by hand and it takes more than 75,000 threads or filaments of the crocus flower to make just one measly pound.A Lower quality saffron usually goes for $15 (dhs55) per gramme but who's counting when you're looking to add a bit of spice to life?

Let them eat cake

This is one cake that Marie Antoinette would have wanted to keep for herself, if only for the jewels it contains. The fruitcake (seriously, this is no joke) is encrusted with 223 small diamonds (not edible unfortunately). It sold for a staggering $1.6 million, which comes close to dhs6 million in 2005, after taking a Tokyo chef six months to design and an entire month to create. It was part of a Japanese exhibit called 'Diamonds: Nature's Miracle'. We think the real miracle is that someone paid that for a piece of cake.

Perfect pizza

Who would have thought that a humble mixture of dough, tomatoes and some cheese thrown on top would become the culinary phenomenon known as pizza and beloved the world over? More incredibly, who would have thought that a pizza pie could cost a dhs3,600? The Luxury Pizza is a 12-inch thin crust topped with six different types of caviar, lobster, crA[umlaut]me fraiche and chives and has to be ordered 24 hours in advance. It's the creation of Nino Selimaj of Nino's Bellissima in Manhattan but we think a slice of off the street vendor will hit the spot just the same.

An egg-spensive omelette

This is not your run-of-the-mill Friday morning brunch omelette. You are mistaken if you think this is about a few eggs cracked open, beaten together and with some leftover mushrooms thrown in to provide a kick. Nicknamed the 'Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata', the world's most expensive omelette is more objet d'art than Friday fare. The creation of chef Emilio Castillo, this gigantic concoction comes stacked with caviar and an entire lobster encased within its eggy folds costs a total of $1,000, which is a mere dhs3,600. Alas, the orange juice is not complimentary.

Life is like a box of chocolates

If you're one of those women who want to be swept off their feet with flowers, dinners and boxes of chocolate, here's how you can up the game a bit. Nothing but the best for you? Chocopologie by chocolatiers Knipschildt is the most expensive chocolate in the world with a pound of the rich stuff costing dhs9,550. Available only on a pre-order basis, the dark chocolate truffle (a mere dhs920 a piece) comes with a French black truffle inside and made using 70 per cent Valrhona cacao, which is then blended into a creamy ganache with truffle oil. The truffle is then hand-rolled and dusted with cocoa powder. How's that for indulging a sweet tooth?


Al Mahara restaurant at our very own Burj Al Arab is one of the world's top restaurants. It also happens to be home to one of the most expensive meals in the city. The underwater themed restaurant serves the sea-salt crusted seabass for dhs925, while the caviar selection goes to the tune of dhs8,000. Bon Apetit!

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