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Eating deep-fried food may elevate risk of prostate cancer.

EATING DEEP-FRIED FOOD MAY ELEVATE RISK OF PROSTATE CANCER. A study of more than 3,000 men conducted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researchers in Seattle found that eating deep-fried foods, such as French fries, fried thicken, fried fish, and doughnuts, increases the risk of prostate cancer between 30 and 37 percent. The link appears to be limited to those who consume deep-fried foods more than once a week. The authors speculate that at temperatures high enough for deep frying, carcinogenic compounds may form in the food. The findings were published in the January 17, 2013 issue of The Prostate.

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Title Annotation:CANCER
Publication:Duke Medicine Health News
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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