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Eating Processed Foods Can Increase Your Weight.

In a small in-patient study at the National Institutes of Health's Metabolic Clinical Research Unit, 20 people (10 male, 10 female) were provided a special diet, then monitored for four weeks regarding calories, sugar, fat, fiber, and macronutrients. None of the participants were overweight. People were randomly assigned either an unprocessed or processed food diet for two weeks, then given the opposite diet for two additional weeks. Both groups were given three meals a day with matching amounts of total calories and nutrients. The amount of unprocessed vs. processed foods varied. Results, published in Cell Metabolism, May 16, 2019, showed participants consumed 500 more calories per day during the two weeks of eating processed foods than during the two weeks they ate unprocessed foods.

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Publication:Women's Nutrition Connection
Date:Aug 27, 2019
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