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Eat your heart out - Brand X; the characteristics of Urschel machines.

Eat Your Heart Out - Brand X

The Characteristics of Urschel Machines

A large number of people in the food industry liken the Urschel range of dicers to the World's most famous car, which is a well received accolade.

In fact, you could purchase six Model 'G' Dicers for the price of this famous vehicle. Also if only one of these is used correctly and fully, not only will you obtain a well defined cut but high capacity. This labour saving machine will secure the highest return over many years of peak performance.

In the parent factory at Valparaiso, Indiana, the employees control the whole manufacturing process for Urschel machines.

It is not always fully appreciated by users that, in fact, all mechanical parts are made in house whenever possible. Of course, electrical components, conveyor belts, plastics fittings, etc., are manufactured for them to very high standards.

All castings are made in one of their three foundries, one for bronze, one for stainless steel and a special unit for Urschalloy castings. Porous-free castings of the highest quality and finish, requiring minimal dressing, are produced. Casting apertures are obtained to within 0.0015in. of stated size, an essential requirement for Urschalloy cutting heads.

All machine items are produced to the closest tolerance, ensuring immediate fitting of parts, however old the machine. Prompt replacement of all cutting assemblies is assured, without the need to adjust the machine in any way. No additional packing or adjusting units are required to ensure that dicers are kept in good order.

Machine application and safety is a prime consideration with all machines, to ensure safe working conditions for machine operators. Removal of any hand detachable machine guard will immediately cut the power supply. Where high speeds are a consideration, with possible machine over-run, mechanically braked motors are fitted.

Safety is not just a machine operator problem but is also a food product requirement. For this specific reason, non porous smooth castings, dressed welds and the ability to clean and sanitise the machine correctly are essential.

In most cases customers will specify machines with of all stainless steel construction; with some acidic products this is essential. There are still many food products where a high quality manganese aluminium bronze casting is more than adequate, and usually at a much lower price.

Of course, no cutting machine goes very far without the essential knives and here again the in-house manufacturer reigns supreme. Not only have the range and quality improved over the years but prices have also reduced, because of improved manufacturing techniques.

The boast is still good: 'nobody else in the world produces machines to Urschel standard'. Link this to a comprehensive spares and service operation, product development facilities and expertise, and you get the best user situation.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 1990
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