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Eat according to your blood group to lose weight, says study.

ISLAMABAD -- A number of studies have indicated that your blood group can be the main factor that affects your heath to a large extent.

Your ability to lose weight faster than others or dealing with chronic diseases or even mood swings and your temperament are all factors influenced by your blood group. It is important for you to know that your blood group will have the ability to digest certain lectins better.

Therefore, for a healthier being, it is important for you to follow a blood type diet.

The four major blood groups are A, B, O, AB and each of these has certain characteristics which differentiate them from others, Health news reported.

Like two different blood groups cannot be combined together, in the same way, the same diet plan for different people cannot be as effective.

To begin with, understand what a blood type diet is. It is a diet plan based on eating specific foods which ease digestion, make your healthy, prevent diseases and allow weight loss.

For the negatives, more of starches like brown rice, wheat, poha, etc. are a part of the good diet.

To get the right diet plan in accordance with your blood group, consult a dietician. He or she possesses the knowledge of which nutrients can be absorbed better by which blood group and can help you better.

Eat small and healthy to keep yourself full for longer and energised. Do not bloat yourself.Do not skip exercising daily.Do not confuse thirst and hunger, when you need a glass of water, do not replace it with extra calories.

In case of packaged food, go through the calorie-divide section and check if the food item suits your nutritional intake or not.

'It depends on blood type what all exercises should be done like people with B+ blood group should do comfortable walk, yoga as vigorous exercises e.g. gym, training, power yoga, aerobics are not good.'

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 29, 2017
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