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Eat Right, Live Longer.

A Stradivarius, if it has been well cared for, plays more beautifully than a violin crafted ten or fifteen years ago. Likewise, your body can shine with strength and beauty regardless of age.

Doctor Barnard makes a strong case for slowing down the aging process. It is the result of specific chemical assaults on the body, much of which can. be significantly counteracted by properly chosen foods. While we are "waiting" for a discovery of the fountain of youth, Neal Barnard suggests, we develop an enlightened diet.

Dr. Barnard declares that never in the history of humans have people had such an astonishing control over the aging process; we can grasp the power and begin - to use it immediately.

"We now know what attacks the skin and causes wrinkles," he notes. "We know what pulls calcium out of the bones. We have a new understanding of varicose veins and tremendous new insights in curing weight problems."

The underlying theme of Dr. Barnard's book is the realization that we have to think of our body's uniqueness, that all of our cells have a built-in aptitude for repair and rejuvenation. "Some cells specialize in removing chemical pollutants that harm your body tissues. Others burn off fat to keep your waistline slim. Still others reverse skin damage. In turn, these and many other surprising functions depend on your cells need for the right kind of nutrients... and when you take advantage of certain foods, you begin the process of rejuvenating every part of the body." With this introduction, the author launches his program for using healthful nutrients in the battle against aging.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 1995
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