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Easy-to-sew dolls carry your valentine greetings.

Easy-to-sew dolls carry your valentine greetings

Heart-shaped pockets stitched on these simple-to-sew stuffed fabric dolls can carry messages to your valentine. Materials for each doll cost about $5. Here's what you'll need:

1 piece medium-weight muslin, about 13 by 25 inches

1 piece red cotton, about 10 by 11 inches

1 2-ounce skein acrylic knitting and crochet yarn

1 small bag polyester stuffing

Permanent felt-tip fabric pens (sold at fabric, art supply, or craft stores)

Paper for pattern

1 spool each red and white thread

Craft glue

You'll also need a sewing machine, scissors, needle, masking tape, a sheet of paper, and a 7 1/2- by 10-inch piece of cardboard. Each doll takes about 2 hours.

Making the body

Enlarge the pattern and cut out fabric pieces. Make all seams 1/4 inch wide.

To make the heart pocket, place one heart shape on top of the other and machinestitch together, leaving an opening on lower part of one side. Clip where indicated in diagram; turn right side out. Pin the bottom and sides of the heart to the chest of one body piece. Baste and topstitch.

Stitch the arm pieces together, leaving an opening between points A and B. Turn arms inside out and stuff, using less stuffing near the opening.

With felt-tip pens, draw face on one of the head pieces. Pin head to front of body along neck, right sides together; stitch. Repeat with back head and body pieces. Pin the front and back of the doll, right sides together. Starting at point A, baste the shoulder and around top of head to the opposite point A. Machine-stitch.

Matching points A and B, pin the arms inside the cavity, raw edges even with the body's raw edges. Baste through the arm from A to C. Move to point D and baste around the legs, ending at point A on the opposite side. Machine-stitch. Turn doll right side out and firmly stuff head and body. Hand-stitch opening.

Making the hair

Wind the yarn in one layer of consecutive strands along the width of the cardboard. (For shorter hair on the boy doll, you can wind yarn around narrower piece of cardboard.) When wool forms a 4-inch-wide band, cut skein. Use masking tape to bind the strands on top side of the cardboard.

Turn cardboard over and cut yarn band down middle; remove cardboard. Lay band flat on paper, tape side up. Stitch down center of band, through paper; remove paper. Glue yarn to head; remove tape. Cut or braid yarn as desired.

Photo: Ready to send greetings, boy and girl dolls have heart pockets on their chests that could carry valentine messages. Boy has felt scarf, girl has doughnut-shaped felt skirt

Photo: Enlarge pattern onto paper and cut out; each square equals 2 inches. Cut head, arms, heart out of muslin; cut body out of red fabric

Photo: To make hair, wind yarn around cardboard to form a 4-inch-wide band; on board's top side, tape strands together with masking tape on each side of the yarn's midline

Photo: To bind hair, lay cut yarn strands flat on paper and stitch down center
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Date:Feb 1, 1986
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