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Easy does it with McInnes Wiese.

Easy Does It With McInnes Wiese

It is almost 25 years since Messrs. McInnes and Wiese combined their accumulated experience in materials handling technology - of a rather special kind - to become the brand leaders in the design and production of conveyors using rubber chains as the principle load-carrying component.

To explain for readers not conversant with the system, McInnes Wiese Ltd. developed a conveyor using rubber 'chainlike' belts carrying interlinked buckets - avoiding spillage between - to carry product carefully and continuously i.e. without transfers, from input to discharge. The product combines the best qualities of belt conveyors and conventional vertical bucket elevators allowing buckets to be filled at the horizontal feed position - the buckets do not 'dredge' - thereafter carrying through whatever inclination is required to reach the discharge point - vertical, inclined, horizontal or any combination of the three.

McInnes Wiese conveyors are frequently installed at the end of the line to carry finished product, in all its pristine glory, safely to the weighing station prior to bagging. But many are to be found at the 'goods inward' location where their space-saving and flexible movement characteristics minimise damage to raw product with minimum fuss and bother.

Products handled in the industry include confectionery, snackfoods - crisps, nuts, scratchings - breadcrumbs, frozen chips, veg. and meats, frozen crumbed meat pieces, pasta, croutons and beans of several varieties; an impressive list.

For the mechanically inclined a few words of a technical nature:

- the belts are steel-core reinforced (for strength) and come in white and black' normal quality - type EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) having excellent environmental resistance to weathering, water, oxidation and radiation and mechanical resistance to flex cracking, abrasion and impact.

- the buckets are non-corroding, chemical resistant and approved for food handling. Two standard types are offered over the range-ABS with white shiny finish for temperature range -10 [degrees] C to 80C and POLYMAID robust construction for more aggressive products up to 140C.

- drives are economical in capital cost and power consumption - rubber belts running on smooth pulleys require only modest impetus.

- finally, the system is particularly user-friendly; rubber 'chains' run very quietly and require no lubrication so both operatives and maintenance staff enjoy the benefit which, coupled to non-toxic and corrosion-resistant qualities, produces handling equipment entirely 'fit for purpose' in the food processing industry.

In addition to the conveyor system, the Company manufactures a 'controlled vertical conveyor' or Boxlifter - for the want of less of a mouthful. Using the same friendly chains but now with close-pitched support bars, the Boxlifter can accept delivery of unit loads (up to 50kgs) from other plants at random intervals and elevate vertically for discharge to next process at pre-set intervals. The unit is aimed at multi-level process operations and conventional warehousing complexes.

Products and Packs

Packaging Innovation Help

Finnish Company Design consultants Packaging Innovation have completely redesigned the packaging for Myrskyla Smokery's smoked trout.

The idea behind this move was to allow the company to break into Europe. Because Finland in a not a member of the EEC, there is a price barrier against its products. The aim of this design, therefore, was to position the product so as to achieve a premium price.

Previously their Safu brand looked no different from any of their competitors, being packed simply in a vacuum pack that was labelled with a sticker giving details of content and price. Packaging Innovation's new design emphasizes the traditional aspects of the product - fishermen shown in the authentic setting that surrounds the Myrsklya Smokery. This new Safu brand has been created to maximise brand recognition on the shelf in a largely 'own label' context. A seal has been created to endorse the product's quality with careful use of typography in both Finnish and Swedish.

Docker's Improved Steamed Puds Docker Foods of Leamington Spa have completely revised their range of Peakhouse Pantry microwaveable individual steamed puddings.

All the puddings - Treacle sponge, Spotted dick, Chocolate sponge, Raspberry sponge and Sticky toffee pudding - boast an increase in custard content of approximately 30 percent. The pack size has also been increased from 12 to 15 per box.

Supplied frozen, the products feature a patented collar which keeps the custard in place on top of the puddings both before and during heating. After heating in the microwave, they emerge piping hot and the collar can be removed to allow the custard to flow evenly down the sides.

Bluecrest Frozen Prawns Bluecrest Foods has introduced a range of frozen prawn and scampi products.

To ensure the success of this new range the company has invested in a new prawn packaging plant at Grimsby and formed a team to handle sourcing, processing and quality control for these shellfish products.

Their new products comprise Breaded scampi made form Scottish scampi tails and on other fish or vegetable extender, Premium large North Atlantic prawns in 1lb packs, North Atlantic prawns in 1lb and 8oz packs and Tropical prawns in 1lb packs.

To ensure good impact on the shelf, Bluecrest has commissioned high resolution gravure print on laminated film bags; this provides a high gloss and strong visual effect.

Findus' New Snack Products Findus has just brought out two new snack/meal centre products. These products - Yorkshire's and Scrunchies - are intended for different market sectors.

Yorkshire's is a range of Yorkshire puddings with three different savoury fillings - Minced beef and onion, Cheese and ham, and Chicken, bacon and mushroom. Made to a traditional recipe, each 135g pudding becomes light and golden after 25 minutes in a conventional oven.

Scrunchies are a range of crunchy chipstick coated nuggets with a choice of four fillings - Ham and cheese, Chicken and bacon, Chicken and sweetcorn, and Fish, cheese and onion. These products can be fried, grilled or oven baked to suit the occasion.

Duet Closures for Silver Spring The clean lines of Duet plastics closures provide a finishing touch to the new 250ml range of Silver Spring soft drinks. As readers will remember, these tamper-evident closures are made by MCG Closures of West Bromwich.

Having reorganised their Folkestone plant, Silver Spring now have a large single- site bottle production and filling operation which incorporates three dedicated lines that capable of producing around 20,000 bottles an hour. One of these is used to produce the new 'single serve' 250ml PET bottles, which is a new size for Silver Spring, and Duet closures were chosen to complement the new pack.

This 250ml bottle is now being used for all seven of their standard flavours as well as for the five mixers. Whilst being clearly aimed at the glass mini-pop market, the recyclability of the one-piece bottle is another of its selling points.

Lamipac Gains Another Product The Lamipac packaging system from CMB Performance Plastics Plc has been chosen for another range of shelf-stable ready-meals. World Bistro is the name used for a series of international recipe dishes launched by Asda.

These meals are packed in high barrier multi-layer plastics containers from CMB Lamipac. Their containers are thermoformed from co-extruded plastics sheet that combines polypropylene and an oxygen barrier layer. The contents are retorted and the container sealed using the CMB Tor system, which comprises a peelable foil lid. Such a system produces a pack that is closed and sealed under vacuum to give an hydraulically solid tamper-evident pack with good seal integrity.

The range comprises nine 300g meals and these are presented in outer cartons litho printed by Waddington Cartons Ltd in five colours plus a varnish.

Glendale's Cheeseburger-in-a-Bun A cheeseburger in a bun and a plain burger in a bun are the latest additions to the Glendale Frozen Foods' Home Take Away range.

They are packed in twos, either two cheeseburgers or two burgers in a bun in full colour printed cartons. The burgers themselves are made from prime beef and the buns are sesame seeded.

Fresh-Style Frozen Poussin Harrison's (Poultry) Ltd have recently introduced the first British fresh-style frozen poussin. They tell us the bird is still prepared in the same way as a fresh poussin before being quickly frozen by air blast without added water or ice.

This product is sold under their Kingfisher brand and new packaging draws attention to the new style of product that uses bright colours to create impact in the freezer cabinet.

Margetts Dessert Range Margetts Foods of Tenbury Wells have brought out two dessert sauce flavours; lime and tropical pineapple will complement heir existing range. The lime version provides a sharp tangy topping for ice cream and other dessert products, whilst the pineapple version should appeal to those with a sweeter tooth.

They have also reformulated their chocolate sauce and all the varieties are now packed in 500g plastics bottles with resealable closures.

Frozen Prawn Cocktail Royal Greenland now have on offer a range of frozen prawn cocktails. The three varieties are based on their cooked and peeled cold water prawns. They are Traditional prawn cocktail with a marie rose sauce, Spicy prawn cocktail with a garlic and pepper sauce, and an Hawaiian variety with a tangy pineapple sauce.

Presentation is in single 150g tubs, 150g tamper-evident pouches containing two portions or 2 by 150g tubs for caterers. In all cases the product is ready for serving after defrosting.

RingLock Containers for Rodda The cream producer A E Rodda & Son of Scorrier has improved the presentation of its products and increased security against leakage. It has achieved this by replacing its former one pint cream containers by tamper-evident RingLock containers supplied by Superfos Packaging Ltd of Basingstoke.

Due to the instability of the earlier packs, Roddas were experiencing leakage problems when lids came loose. With RingLock containers the stability is greatly increased and the lid provides an air and liquidtight seal. It is also protected by a tamper-evident ring. This not only prevents its removal till the tab is broken but it also prevents the lid becoming loosened or dislodged.

Rodda is using 650ml containers for single, double and whipping creams and these are printed in red, blue and green, respectively.

ICI Film for Taveners Toffees The Liverpool-based confectionery company Taveners Plc recently brought to the market a new range branded as English Toffees. Nowadays packaging and design are an important part of the marketing brief and Propaply MLS 50 was adopted to produce the 100g packs for this product range.

This high gauge OPP film from ICI was chosen to pack their Dairy butter toffees and Chocolate eclairs. The film gives the required rigidity and strength for distribution overseas and it accepts a high quality image. Thus, a scene dating from the last century, depicting cricket, is used as part of the illustration on each of these packs.

The OPP film is printed in six colours by LMG Smith Bros. Printed film delivered to Taveners is used on their Hamac and Hansella VFF machines.

Quorn Crispbakes Dalepak have added Quorn and Vegetable Crispbake to their range. This product comprises chunks of Quorn, the vegetable protein material, and a mix of vegetables in a light crispy crumb coating, the whole being parfried in sunflower oil. The product is presented in a full colour carton containing two 3oz Crispbakes.

RPC Containers Used for Princes

Relish Large multi-layer plastics catering jars from RPC Containers of Corby have been selected by Princes Ltd for the relaunch of their catering range of relishes.

The adoption of plastics jars as opposed to glass was as a result of a direct request from caterers because resistance to shattering and light weight are important attributes in a busy kitchen.

The 1/2 and 1/4gal. blow moulded jars comprise five layers to provide an effective barrier to these oxygen sensitive products. Betts 80mm caps and foil diaphragms are used to complete the total seal after the products have been hot filled. Whilst the recipes are the well known ones, the packaging has been updated and redesigned corporate labels are affixed to these bottles.

Medway Packaging at Finedon The new Maharani brand of chapati flour recently introduced by Finedon Mills utilises the expertise of Medway Packaging of Aylesford.

Because of the competitive nature of the flour market, a high specification for the sacks was deemed to be necessary for these four ethnic flours. This specification included a bleached inner ply and an outer ply of bleached kraft which is overlacquered to give a smooth finish. By employing their experience in colour printing, Medway has produced strikingly different full colour printed sacks for each flour type in combinations of red, orange, purple, green, gold and black. Their own in-house print facilities allowed them to follow through the design from artwork to finished product.

McVitie's Repositioning Gateau

and Cheesecake Ranges The company have relaunched their meringue gateau range and repositioned the Pavlova range under the Classic title. Primary features of the relaunch are further improvement in product quality and the introduction of Classic raspberry pavlova.

All the packs have also been redesigned to reinforce the range identity and capitalise on the McVitie name.

To reinforce leadership in the cheesecake range, the company have repositioned and relaunched their entire range as Deep and Creamy. Additionally, three new products have been launched: St Clements is a lemon cheesecake topped with mandarin oranges, Summer fruits fromage frais is a low fat soft cream cheesecake topped with five summer fruits, and they have also brought out a new party size strawberry cheesecake.

Chocolate Truffle Chocolate Truffle, the latest product from New England Ice Cream, has more chocolate per spoonful than any other ice cream on the market, we are assured. This product is on sale in half litre tubs and is also available in 120ml tubs in outers of 24.

Schwartz Expands Range to Fill a

Gap McCormick Foods have brought out a range of six 'authentic recipe' wet cooking suaces under the Schwartz brand name. They are packed in 135g glass jars that carry labels designed by The Green House. These feature an 'antique map' theme and quality ingredients.

The range includes Mexican chili con carne, Thai tomato and satay, Indian tikka masala, Chicago spare rib sauce, Cantonese sweet and sour, and Provencale herb and garlic sauce. Each one is presented in a 350g jar.

Roselle Supreme Four-Packs Pritchitt Foods have now brought out four-packs of their cream alternative Roselle Supreme for the cash and carry trade. This new pack reflects the growing importance of larger packs.

This four-pack comprises 4 by 1 litre Tetra Brik cartons in a shrinkwrap.

Additions to Vegetable Gourmet

Range Roos Young's have extended their Vegetable Gourmet range by introducing two new vegetable mixes. These are Crispy Chinese vegtable and Vegetable pasta, and both can be used for stir-frying or in the microwave.

LMG Lloyds Provide Burger

Packaging The Lawson Mardon company LMG Lloyds of Manchester is making folding carton packaging for Cheese 'N' Burgers that have now been launched into the retail market by J L Quality Foods, part of the Sims Food Group.

Packaging for this new product was designed and developed by LMG Lloyds and uses offset litho printing in five colours and UV varnish. The illustration it carries depicts a sample of the product on a plate.

Readers will know that this product is unusual because the cheese filling is contained inside the burger and this product is marketed in 24s to the outer.

Young's New Mackerel Young's Chilled Fish have brought out two new products - hot-smoked mackerel strips and peppered mackerel strips. These products are made from hot-smoked boneless strips of fish and they come in fixed weight 6oz packs.

The company has invested heavily in both smoking and packaging techniques at its Hull factory. Their vacuum skin packaged products are now being converted to a lid and seal MAP format.

American Ring Donuts American Rings are the latest product from The Delicious Donut Co of Witney. These products are typically American and are altogether lighter and less greasy that the British version of this product.

To ensure authenticity as far as taste is concerned, the company uses an American recipe and has imported machinery from that country because it gives a better finished product. Currently, weekly capacity is some 50,000 and this product is available in four flavours: Sweet and cinnamon, Sugar and spice; White delight and Choc-on-top. All are supplied fresh, sealed in bags of four.

More in Rice and Things Range Crosse and Blackwell have extended their Rice and Things range by adding two varieties - Barbecue and Mexican grill. Made with American long grain rice, these products provide a snack or meal accompaniment and each carries a recipe idea on the back of the pack.

The company tell us that such has been the success of this range that sales volumes increased by some 43 percent during the first half of this year.

Boxes New Packaging for Rowleys When Rowleys Foods were planning the launch of their latest recipes, they approached Boxes Ltd of London E3 for their packaging requirements. Rowleys range of Supreme Cuisine meat pies and exotic recipes needed quality packaging, and inviting illustrations and bold new pack designs were to be used.

Boxes' created the packaging them by printing 5 colours on top grade food quality board then added a UV varnish. The result was to be seen initially at the IFE exhibition held in London earlier this year.

Garfield Container for Cyrius Pet

Food The French grocery chain CGC International has launched Cyrius, a new pet food produced and packaged by Sterling Wygate, a company recently acquired by BP Nutrition. Currently, this product is being rolled out from test marketing and further varieties will be added to the range shortly.

Part of the success of this product is attributed to its packaging, which comprises a retorted rectangular smooth walled aluminium foil container with a heat sealed lid that is supplied by William Garfield of Birmingham; other pet products are usually seen in square foil or round plastics trays.

Foil packaging is a new development for Sterling Wygate and Garfields advised on the selection of the most appropriate container. A 300g rectangular profile seemed to offer the best in terms of ease of display, contents volume in a smooth wall container which provides optimum seal integrity.

More Gino Ginelli Flavours Wall's, the ice cream manufacturers, have added two more Gino Ginelli flavours to their litre take-home range of products. Almond toffee contains roasted almonds in a white ice cream rippled with a toffee sauce. Choc and cherry is a variation on the black forest concept, it combines morello cherries in a smooth cherry and chocolate ice cream.

We are also told that this whole range is now made from creamier recipes. The pack design has also been improved to further the Italian-style imagery and it includes sidewall labelling for ease of selection in the cold cabinet.

West's Tuna in Flora Oil John West have joined forces with Van den Berghs to produce Tuna chunks in Flora oil. This product is being packed in 185 and 400g cans. As well as the John West logo, the familiar Flora logo is also seen on the can labels.

The object of this development is to capitalise on the healthy attributes of both the fish and the oil.

New Pack for Prawns Royal Greenland have brought out a new presentation for their cooked and peeled cold water prawns. Their luxury prawns are now available in striking 200g cartons that co-ordinate with the company's other retail fish packs. The carton weights are not of glaze and the prawns are vacuum sealed in an inner bag for extra protection.

Spar's Garlic Bread Snacks Spar garlic bread snacks are the latest addition to Spar's adult snack range. Small pieces of sauted bread, seasoned with garlic flavour butter are packed in metallic film to maintain freshness.

This product is being sold in 50g packs.

Individual Upper Crust Pies Tiffany Sharwood's have developed what they believe are the first individual microwaveable pies. These are being sold under their Upper Crust label. The 6oz pies provide added convenience to the purchaser because they can be 'cooked' from the raw state in just six minutes by microwave.

There are three recipes in the range - Chicken and vegetable, Steak and vegetable, and Minced beef and onion.

Munch Bunch Lollies The Munch Bunch brand is now appearing on a new frozen yogurt lolly. This product is being positioned as a healthier alternative to other children's ices. The strawberry flavoured frozen yogurt lolly comes in a six-pack and its packaging itself has been designed to appeal to children. Sally Strawberry, the cartoon character is prominent on the outer and a cartoon, designed to be coloured in, is printed on the inside of every six-pack.

We understand that this frozen yogurt lolly was manufactured in association with Stella Ice Creams.

Jordans Launch Savoury Snack The healthy food pioneers, W Jordan (Cereals) Ltd of Biggleswade, already well known for their breakfast cereals and bars, have now brought out Oatsters.

Oatsters are a traditionally baked low fat savoury snack. Each bite-sized O shape piece comprises wholegrain oats and 100 percent natural ingredients for taste.

Jordans tell us that Oatsters contain less than half the fat that is in traditional crisps. These snacks are marketed in 50g bags with a fully printed white background that carries full colour illustrative material.

Cool Country's Thick Yogurt Cool Country of Bracknell have launched a range of thick and creamy yogurts with an 8.3 percent fat content. Their Thick and creamy yogurt comes in three flavours - strawberry, forest fruits, and apricot and mango. Each shrinkwrapped tray holds 20 by 150g pedestal pots of all three flavours.

Small Desserts from Sara Lee Kitchens of Sara Lee has introduced two more gateaux - Chocolate fudge nut and Fruits of the forest - and a Raspberry fromage frais dessert. These new smaller products have been introduced to encourage year-round sales.

The chocolate fudge nut gateau complements their double chocolate gateau. The fruits of the forest gateau is a light eating product and the fromage frais has also been launched as a lightereating product. Raspberry products are new for Sara Lee but next to chocolate, black forest and strawberry, it is the most popular flavour choice, hence this new move.

6-Packs of Elan Milks SDF Foods Ltd of Biggin Hill have now introduced a range of litre Elan UHT milk packs in 6s. These new 6-packs contain 6 by 1 litre Tetra Brik cartons printed in full colour to give the packs added shelf appeal. These large packs are available as both skimmed UHT milk and as semi skimmed. SDF remind us that these same products are still available packed as 12 by 1 litre outers.

Fruiticool from Loseley Loseley Dairy Products Ltd has agreed to distribute Fruiticool, the frozen fruit bar, for the Natural Fruit Corp (UK) Ltd. Readers will remember this is the product that is made with chunks of real fruit and pulped fruit.

Shoe People Flavoured Milks County Dairies of Kidlington have Shoe People flavoured milks in line with a popular television programme. Shoe People flavoured milk is currently available in two flavours - chocolate and strawberry. This product is packed in 200ml full colour printed cartons with an attached straw. These come in outers of 12.

New Look for Ski Yogurt Drink Ski has relaunched its Ski Cool yogurt drink this Summer. This relaunch consists of a name change, product reformulation and new packaging. We are assured that the reformulation gives the product a fruitier more refreshing taste that moves it away from the milk and fruit juice lines. Its packaging is brightly coloured to ensure strong on-shelf impact.

The product comes in a 750ml carton and there are 200ml single serve packs in three flavours - strawberry, orange and tropical.

Prawn Nuggets Royal Greenland of Cheadle Hulme has developed what they call Prawn Nuggets. A combination of cold water prawns and fresh whiting coated with a light crunchy crumb, they are intended as an alternative to scampi.

Each 33g nugget has a pink core that comprises 80 percent raw prawn and 20 percent whiting. To this is added a light wheat flour coating that accounts for 25 percent of the total weight of the frozen nugget.

Packaging for the wholesale and catering sectors is in 5 by 1kg boxes, whilst for the retail market the pack size can be according to requirements.

Breaded Veal Escalope Anglian Tendabeef has brought out a breaded veal escalope aimed at the mid price restaurant sector. Available under the Fribo name, the 5oz escalope is composed of veal which has been minced, flavoured and coated in a light crispy crumb.

The product is frozen and packed 18 to the box from which it may be shallow fried, deep fried or griddle cooked.

Kerrygold's Light Cheese

Triangles The Kerrygold Co Ltd has brought out Kerrygold Light processed cheese triangles. These are produced at their Leek factory where considerable sums have been invested in recent times.

Features of the new Light 170g Triangles are the easy-open foil, recyclable board packaging and a tamper-evident tear-strip. They tell us this combination is a 'first' in the UK and it comes as a double layer pack.

Chilli Pasties from Butcher Baker Butcher Baker Foods Ltd of Dudley have brought out chilli con carne pasties. These are filled with lean beef and red kidney beans and flavoured with their blend of tomatoes and spices, the whole being encased in puff pastry.

Addition to Kitchen King Range Nisa-Today's Ltd of Scunthorpe are busy completing a relaunch programme in the catering sector by introducing a range of products under their Kitchen King label. Both new and existing products will bring the range up to 120 lines, all of which have a stronger style of brand labelling.

The first of the new products is rhubarb in 2.86kg containers.

Improved Packaging for Ovaltine

To both modernise and improve its packaging, Ovaltine is being produced in a lighter pack with an easy-open and close lid. Formerly this product was in 200 and 400g tins. These new packs carry the latest Ovaltine livery design.

Pomme Noisettes from 11er 11er Food Products UK Ltd, the Rochdale-based company that specializes in potato foods for the caterer, has brought out Pommes noisettes in 2.5kg polybags. These are packed two to a solid carton box.

This brand which is available only to caterers, comes in packaging that is distinguished by the 'big red eleven'. These delicate round bite-size pieces with a crunchy coating each weigh 12g and can be deep fried from the frozen state in just four minutes.

Sugar-Free Aerosol Cream Cool Country has just introduced the first sugar-free aerosol cream. This new low fat version has a fat content of just 20 percent and has been named as Light aerosol cream. Targeted at the health conscious consumer, the product comes in a 250g can, packed 12 to the outer. They have a guaranteed shelf-life of 35 days.

Smaller Garfield Fruit Punch Gerber Foods has just launched a 250ml ready-to-drink long life carton of Garfield fruit punch. This new size complements the 2 litre pack they introduced towards the end of last year. Ingredients for this drink include a mixture of ten pure juices including orange, apple, grape, passion fruit, banana, mango and guava.

Garfield is the latest member of Gerber's cartoon character drinks portfolio, the other being Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles ranges.

McVitie's Mini Tuc The McVitie's Group has now launched Mini Tuc to take advantage of both the established Tuc brand and the boom in the snack biscuit sector.

This new product has been introduced in two versions. There is a 75g bag of standard flavoured bite-sized Tuc biscuits and a six bag multi-pack of barbecue flavoured bite-sized mini biscuits for single serve usage.

Plumtree Farms Breakfast Patty Plumtree Farms have now launched a 2oz pork breakfast patty for take-away or restaurant service. With a traditional herb seasoning, this new patty can be fried or griddled as an alternative to the more traditional breakfast sausage. Supplied deep frozen, they come packed 48 to the 6lb outer.

Hang Packs for Ashmount Range Ashmount Foods of Bradford have brought out a new hanging style pack for their range of eight prime cooked slice meats. Each pack carries 113g of presliced ham, pork shoulder, pork luncheon meat, chopped ham and pork, garlic sausage, chicken breast roll, turkey breast roll or corned beef.

These MAP packs are specially designed to hang in modern chill cabinets.
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