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Easy Digital Photography.

TITLE: Easy Digital Photography

ISBN: 1557553645



LENGTH: 342 pages

PRICE: $29.95

AVAILABLE FROM: Any local bookstore or direct from Abacus, (800) 451-4319,

Digital photography is fast becoming a commonplace technology for business and home use. The ability to have images instantly offers immediate gratification. But even more, digital photography allows one to use a desktop computer as a digital darkroom to manipulate and print images. Because the images are digital, it is easy to insert pictures into a document or attach them to an e-mail.

The digital photography market is rapidly expanding. As a result, prices are decreasing while selection and capabilities are increasing. So how does one understand the state-of-the-art offerings and make the best purchase decisions? A timely book now available comes to the rescue: Easy Digital Photography by Scott Slaughter. This beginner's series covers it all. It is organized into four parts: (1) Digital Cameras; (2) Scanners; (3) Image Editors, and (4) More Information. Each section begins with a basic introduction then moves to a more in-depth review without becoming too technical.

Part One: Digital Cameras, provides a solid introduction, starting with history and the wide variety of applications for use. This section explores how to select the right digital camera for your needs, covering viewfinder types, flash quality, resolution needs, and lens/exposure options. Also included is an informative section that examines the advantages and disadvantages of digital cameras.

Part Two: Scanners, reviews the types of scanners on the market, how they work, and how to select and use them. It covers everything from identifying requirements (type of scanner, resolution, bit-depth, bundled software, etc.) to installing and getting quality scans. This part also includes a chapter on creative ways to use a scanner, including virtual file cabinets, visual family trees, and immortalizing a child's artwork.

Part Three covers image editors, the software programs that allow images to be improved or modified. This part explains in detail how image editors are used and the variety of features (i.e., cropping, brightness, contrast, special effects) available that take advantage of digital format.

Part Four: More Information, focuses on three things: (1) image managers, (2) other ways to work with digital images without a digital camera or scanner, and (3) the book's included CD-ROM, which contains imaging-related software. For image managers (i.e., the software products for cataloging images) it offers a brief overview on seven popular products. The section on other ways of working with digital images explains a variety of options such as using a service that will scan photos from processed film.

The CD-ROM offers 11 software products for image enhancing, editing, cataloging and much more. The products include 30-day "trialware" software demonstrations and various graphics shareware. Most programs are fully functional and some are limited versions of the full programs. The CD-ROM companion effectively introduces readers to these products.

Easy Digital Photography is an easy book to read and follow. It contains many illustrations, highlighted notes, and charts. It also includes pictures of a variety of digital cameras, scanners, and related software products; and examples of special effects, photography and scanning techniques, image editors, manufacturer Web sites, charts, and software screens to assist with digital photography. Although the book defines and explains well, it would benefit from a glossary of terms section for easy reference.

Digital photography is ideal for internal program newsletters and intranet Web sites. For records professionals this book is a must, as digital photography is ideal for documenting before and after clean-up projects, training and presentations, archival assets, and electronic storage, among others. This book is highly recommended to those who want to understand the technology or are interested in making a purchase.

April Dmytrenko, CRM, FAI, is executive director of public affairs and records and information management, Sony Pictures Entertainment. She may be reached al
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