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Eastern Division. (Division News).

The Eastern Division meeting at the Summit for MTNA Leadership in Cincinnati allowed for lively dialogue among ten state presidents. Each officer shared news from his or her state. Individual concerns and problems were discussed, and new insights were gained through these conversations. Many states hold student festivals in addition to the MTNA competitions. Other topics included fundraising opportunities; how to obtain tax-exempt status; and creative ways to distribute state membership directories.

We will showcase various states in upcoming "Division News" articles. Hopefully, this will better represent each state in our division.

We are proud to see that Christine Kefferstan, NCTM, from West Virginia is a candidate for national vice president. Christine has been involved in MTNA for more than thirty years. She has served as an officer at the state and division levels, as well as being a member of the Board of Directors and the FOUNDATION Board of Trustees. Christine maintains a busy teaching and performing schedule.

The Eastern Division Conference and Competitions will be held January 10-12, 2003, at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. In addition to competitions, there will be presentations by Benjamin Whitten, NCTM, of Pennsylvania, Judith Ferencz, NCTM, and Robin Armstrong of Maryland, and Bridget de Moura Castro of Connecticut.
--Debra Ronning, NCTM
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
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Author:Ronning, Debra
Publication:American Music Teacher
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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