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East Central Division.

First, I would like to personally thank me university of Wisconsin at Madison and Jessica Johnson for their graciousness and overwhelming Support tnroughout our January competitions.

A very special thank you also goes to Laura Melton, who has served as me East Central Division's competitions coordinator for me past three years Laura has decided not to continue that position so she can focus on other professional endeavors.

Mary Siciliano, NCTM from Michigan MTA, will replace Melton as the new competitions coordinator. Siciliano will coordinate the 2006 division competitions at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana Our local host will be Lori Rhoden, NCTM associate professor and coordinator of piano Pedagogy and group piano at Ball State university. Lori also serves as president of me Indiana MTA.

The Indiana MTA is revising the state AIM (Achievement in Music) program, a non-competitive festival opportunity for students and teachers. The new AIM syllabus provides a comprehensive curriculum of twelve levels in repertoire, technical study, sight playing, Keyboard skills and theory--written and aural. The Indiana MTA also will soon nave online its state newsletter conference registrations and so on.

Ohio MTA is the 2005 MTNA State Affiliate of the Year. Ohio accepts this award with gratitude and encourages other states to apply.

--Mark Mrozinski

Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Title Annotation:Division News
Author:Mrozinski, Mark
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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