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East Berlin beer comes to America.

East Berlin beer comes to America

Less than a week after the Berlin Wall was opened, one American importer saw a golden opportunity blooming before him.

As a former Gallo wine executive, Jack Dadam, president, North American Beverage Co., had travelled extensively around the world and knew of an exceptional beer produced in East Germany. When the wave of democracy spread across Eastern Europe, Dadam immediately began negotiations to become the exclusive importer of East Germany's Schuters Red Star Select in the U.S.

Brewed at the Berliner Brewery, East Germany's largest brewer, Red Star will be packaged in West Germany and Luxembourg. From there, the beer will be shipped to the States beginning April 15.

The beer, the biggest seller in East Germany, will then be available in select markets, including the West Coast, New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, late in May, according to Dadam.

"The timing for this introduction couldn't be better," Dadam explained. "You can't watch TV nowadays without seeing something about Berlin, East Germany or Eastern Europe."

Dadam added that preliminary acceptance of Red Star has been good, and he expects the product to sell quickly, noting that it will be priced competively with Beck's and Warsteiner beer.

Accompanying the beer's introduction will be an opportunity for consumers to purchase a piece of the Berlin Wall encased in clear lucite. According to Dadam, this is the first time pieces of the Wall will be used in a consumer promotion.

Dadam started the North American Beverage Co. in January of this year.

PHOTO : EAST MEETS WEST--Schuters Red Star Select beer, produced by the Berliner Brewery in East

PHOTO : Germany, will begin reaching the shores of America late in May, according to the beer's

PHOTO : exclusive importer, North American Beverage Co.
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Title Annotation:Schuters Red Star Select beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 2, 1990
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