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East Asia and the trials of neo-liberalism.


East Asia and the trials of neo-liberalism.

Ed. by Kevin Hewison and Richard Robison.



164 pages




How are domestic elites instrumental in establishing, developing and rejecting the agenda of neo-liberalism in Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Vietnam? According to these seven articles they, and the ways in which state and economic power have been redistributed, are critical. The case studies for each country show that although some old elites have been decimated by neoliberalism, some have reinvented themselves or new elites have risen. Contributors and editors describe how neoliberalism has fared in East Asia, largely unlike the consensus as to their status in Washington, the twists and illiberal consolidations wrought by reforms in Indonesia, the return of the state in South Korea, uncertain trajectories in Vietnam, tension and ambiguities in Malaysia, Thailand's crisis in domestic capital, and China's unique form of engagement with neoliberalism, which includes dependency on planning, attention to geography and self-reinvention in the Communist Party.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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