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East Asia's Business Aviation Landscape 2018-2023: Analysis of Growth Opportunities & Strategic Imperatives.

M2 PRESSWIRE-August 6, 2019-: East Asia's Business Aviation Landscape 2018-2023: Analysis of Growth Opportunities & Strategic Imperatives



The "Assessment of the Business Aviation Landscape in East Asia" report has been added to's offering.

This study conducts an assessment of business aviation landscape in East Asia with a fleet forecast to 2023, unlocking the key trends, analyzing the business aviation industry of the top 5 country markets, understanding the roadblocks affecting the industry's development and discussing high-level solutions.

The business aviation ecosystem is not well developed in all countries in East Asia with the exception of China and Hong Kong. Business jets fleet in East Asia is expected to exhibit significant growth by 2023. The cumulative annual growth rate of 4% per annum will be led by Taiwan, Japan, and China.

This research service includes research scope, objectives, and methodology, market definition and segmentation, analysis of trends in the business aviation industry, including market drivers and restraints, the impact of mega-trends, technology trends. The study offers a detailed analysis of the business jets fleet by historical trends, country, OEM, and size category and also presents a country profile, industry challenges and outlook for the five key markets in the region, namely China, Hong Kong & Macau, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

For each of the country markets, this research provides a business jets fleet analysis, business aviation ecosystem, key industry players and industry challenges and outlook. Finally, it offers a consolidation of findings, listing the top three predictions for the future.

Research Scope

- The base year for this study is 2018 and the forecasts are from 2019-2023.

- Provides an overview of the Business Aviation Market in East Asia including China, Hong Kong & Macau, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

- The study discusses the current status of business aviation landscape in East Asia

- It offers a forecast of the business jets fleet in East Asia

- Analyzes the key challenges and future outlook for business aviation in East Asia

Key Issues Addressed

- What are the key drivers and restraints impacting the growth of business aviation in East Asia?

- What is the current fleet size of business jets in East Asia, segmented by OEM and category?

- What is the forecast for business jets deliveries in East Asia up to 2023?

- What is the current status of business aviation infrastructure in East Asia?

- What is the current status of the business aviation industry in the top 5 markets in East Asia?

- What are the key challenges in for business aviation in East Asia and what is the way forward?

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

- Key Findings

2. Research Scope, Objectives, and Methodology

- Research Scope

- Research Aims and Objectives

- Key Questions this Study will Answer

3. Market Definition and Segmentation

- Definitions

- Market Segmentation

- Key Entities in the Business Aviation Industry

4. Market Drivers, Restraints, and Industry Trends

- Market Drivers

- Market Drivers Explained

- Market Restraints

- Restraints Explained

5. Business Jet Fleet Analysis

- Business Jet Fleet Growth Trend by Country

- Business Jet Fleet by OEM

- Business Jet Fleet by Size Category

- Business Jet OEM Share by Size Category

- Business Jet Fleet - Forecast

- Business Jet Fleet Forecast - Discussion

6. Country Profile - China

- China - Business Jet Fleet Analysis

- China - Business Aviation Ecosystem

- China - Key Industry Players

- China - Industry Challenges and Outlook

7. Country Profile - Hong Kong & Macau

8. Country Profile - Japan

9. Country Profile - Taiwan

10. Country Profile - South Korea

11. Growth Opportunities and Strategic Imperatives

- Growth Opportunity 1 - OEM-Owned Service Center

- Growth Opportunity 2 - Spare Parts Distribution Center

- Growth Opportunity 3 - Business Jet Simulators for Training

- Growth Opportunity 4 - Painting and Modifications

- Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

12. Impact of Mega Trends on the Business Jet Market

- Mega Trends' Impact on the Business Jet Market

- Business Jet Industry Mega Trend Explained

13. The Last Word

- The Last Word - 3 Big Predictions

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