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East African Running: Toward a Cross-Disciplinary Perspective.

Editors: Yannis Pitsiladis, John Bale, Craig Sharp and Timothy Noakes.

Bibliographic Data: ISBN: 0-415- 37788-9, The Cromwell Press, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, 2007, $44.95, 293 pages, paperback

Subjects: The success story of East African Runners

DESCRIPTION: "East African Running: Toward a Cross-disciplinary Perspective" examines the secret of those runners in being the top athletes of middle and long distance running.

PURPOSE: This book aims to discuss the anatomical, physiological, biomechanical, genomic, psychological and sociological conditions which lead East African runners to success.

AUDIENCE: This all-inclusive book about favoured East African runners is a remarkable source for all sports and social sciences professionals as well as anybody curious about the development of their success story.

FEATURES: The text includes: social, cultural and economic explanations and presents Haile Gabrselassie story in the first part; physiological and biochemical details especially about Kenyan athletes in the second part; and genetic explanations about athletic performance in the final part. As a whole the book offers unified theories by bringing together ideas from biological and social sciences and includes contributions from experienced scientists.

ASSESMENT: Almost an obligation to read for all sports and social sciences' enthusiast especially those for in the field of athletics.

Reviewed by: Fadil Ozyener MD, PhD, Uludag University Medical School, Bursa, Turkey.
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Author:Ozyener, Fadil
Publication:Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Article Type:Book review
Geographic Code:60AFR
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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