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Easier deployment of products is a priority.

NEW YORK -- With chain drug stores working to get the most out of their limited footprints, suppliers are striving to offer more efficient displays.

One of the best ways to reach that goal, retailers say, is to get products to the floor quickly, thus giving store associates more time to assist customers.

"The way replenishment has been done for almost 40 years is that store workers go into the store room and get merchandise then bring it out and put it on the shelf," says Klaus Preidt, president of Effizient LLC, a Grand Haven, Mich.-based supplier of delivery carts and other product-handling equipment.

"Often that system is based on what a computer tells them is needed on the shelf," he says. "Our research shows that more than two-thirds of the time the computer is wrong and the associate would waste a lot of time walking back and forth from the back room to the front end of the store."

The products offered by Effizient, which are being used by some of the industry's largest chains, replace pallets, making it easier to maneuver merchandise on and off the floor and making it easier to organize back rooms and minimize inventory.

When associates are able to spend less time restocking shelves, they are free to spend more time helping shoppers --a situation that Preidt says leads to increased sales.

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Comment:Easier deployment of products is a priority.(MERCHANDISING)
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Date:Sep 9, 2013
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