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EarthLink Introduces EarthLink Unlimited Voice Broadband Telephone Service; EarthLink Becomes First Major Nationwide ISP to Deploy Full-Scale Voice-over- IP Solution to End-Users.

EarthLink today announced the launch of EarthLink Unlimited Voice, the first comprehensive Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution from a nationwide Internet service provider (ISP). The new Internet service includes free unlimited local, regional and long distance calling for a flat rate and such features as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call return and call forwarding.

EarthLink Unlimited Voice provides enhanced telephone service to high- speed cable and DSL subscribers. The latest in digital telephony, EarthLink Unlimited Voice is an easy-to-install solution that inaugurates a new choice in residential telephone service. With the services' area code selection feature, customers are no longer tied to their local area code and can select from a list of over 115 area codes in cities across the United States.

"With EarthLink Unlimited Voice, EarthLink becomes the first major ISP to offer its customers a comprehensive and easy to use Voice-over-IP solution," said Erika Jolly, EarthLink vice president of strategic brand management. "EarthLink Unlimited Voice is a new option in local and long distance phone service that provides excellent call quality, unlimited nationwide calling and free features at a great price -- all through an existing EarthLink High Speed Internet connection."

EarthLink customers across the country can sign-up for EarthLink Unlimited Voice and enjoy unlimited local, regional and long distance calling for a flat rate of $39.99 per month. The following services and hardware are all free as a part of the EarthLink Unlimited Voice calling plan:
 * Voicemail * Call return (*69)
 * Caller ID * Area code selection
 * Call waiting * Repeat dialing
 * Call forwarding * Bandwidth saver
 * Call transfer * International call block
 * Caller ID block (*67)
 * Web-based account management, voicemail retrieval and real-time
 inbound/outbound calling activity
 * International calling at significantly reduced rates
 * Great Britain 5 cents a minute
 * Tokyo 7 cents a minute
 * Mexico 6 cents a minute

EarthLink Unlimited Voice is a truly plug-and-play solution that works with either a DSL or cable connection and can be installed in minutes to work on any touch-tone phone. Customers can use a standard router to split their broadband connection between their modem and the ATA (analog telephone adapter) box. The ATA box, which is provided for free in the EarthLink Unlimited Voice start-up kit, converts the digital signal to an analog telephone signal. The phone is then plugged into the ATA delivering dial tone and a high-quality connection.

EarthLink Unlimited Voice is an ideal solution for a home-based business. It provides a second line with unlimited local and long distance calling. For parents with children away at school in another city, EarthLink Unlimited Voice allows them to select a phone number in that city, turning long distance calls home into local ones.

EarthLink Unlimited Voice features industry-leading technology from Vonage, the fastest growing digital telephony company in the United States. The service features Web-based voicemail management, which includes voicemail retrieval, call forwarding and email notification. For more information or to order EarthLink Unlimited Voice, visit or call 1-866-866-2434.

About EarthLink High Speed Internet

With more than 779,000 high-speed subscribers, EarthLink is one of the leading broadband Internet service providers. EarthLink is the only ISP to offer high-speed Internet access nationally through all three major broadband technologies: cable, DSL and two-way satellite. Its commitment to offer a variety of broadband technologies through multiple vendors allows EarthLink to offer its high-speed services to customers in more areas of the country.

About EarthLink

EarthLink is the Internet service provider (ISP) solution for an impatient world. Headquartered in Atlanta, EarthLink has earned a national reputation for outstanding customer service and its suite of online products and services. According to J.D. Power and Associates, EarthLink is ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Dial-up ISPs and tied in the ranking for Highest Customer Satisfaction Among High-Speed ISPs. Serving approximately five million subscribers, EarthLink offers what every user should expect from their Internet experience: high-quality connectivity, minimal drop-offs and ISP-generated intrusions, and customizable features. Whether it's dial-up, high-speed, Web hosting, or wireless Internet service, EarthLink provides the tools that best let individuals use and enjoy the Internet on their own terms. Learn more about EarthLink through its Core Values and Beliefs or by calling (800) EARTHLINK and visiting EarthLink's Web site at .
 For more information, contact:
 David Blumenthal

CONTACT: David Blumenthal of EarthLink, +1-404-748-7316, or

Web site:
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Date:Mar 13, 2003
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