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   My garden soil I coax and nurture,
   Tend with care for now and future.
   Add water, mulch, and compost fine,
   Brew slowly to a dusky wine.

   Keeping soft my garden soil,
   To dig and weed--a pleasant toil.
   Foundation for all that nestles here,
   A solid base and soft veneer.

   Garden soil gives life each day,
   Though loved ones past in soil do lay.
   In soil our souls are bound together,
   Joined in death--skin, fur and feather.

   Earth molded into pots of clay,
   Fills with blooms to cheer one's day.
   So splendid are the flowers that grow,
   In earth from which such blessings flow.
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Author:LaBella, Jennifer
Publication:Prairie Garden
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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