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Earth's rotation submerges Antarctic glacier water. Jun 1, 2017 389
Elemental infrastructures for atmospheric media: on stratospheric variations, value and the commons. McCormack, Derek P. Report Jun 1, 2017 10870
Heat from Earth's core drives movement. Jun 1, 2017 378
Frogtech Geoscience Releases New North Atlantic and North Sea SEEBASE, Providing New Perspective for Underexplored Paleozoic Reservoirs. May 28, 2017 358
Deep physical structure and geotectonic implications of the eastern margin of the Qinghai--Tibet Plateau. Li, Jun; Wang, Xuben; Qin, Qingyan; Zhang, Gang; Li, Dahu; Zhou, Jun Report Dec 1, 2016 6299
SEIC: Setting Earth~s Initial Conditions: A fluid dynamics study of core-mantle differentiation. Nov 14, 2016 332
Deep earthquakes surprise scientists: new type of weak temblor in upper mantle detected. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Nov 12, 2016 260
Evidence mounts for ancient comet: impact 56 million years ago may have kicked off warming. Sumner, Thomas Oct 29, 2016 343
Young, hot Earth kept gold in mantle: sulfur later ushered precious metals into core, study argues. Witze, Alexandra Oct 29, 2016 478
Methane didn't keep ancient Earth warm, new simulation suggests. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Oct 29, 2016 218
CSEM: The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project. Oct 24, 2016 412
AURORA: Advanced Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone Retrieval for Applications. Oct 24, 2016 494
Storm unleashes rare seismic wave: tracking weak tremors could shed light on Earth's innards. Sumner, Thomas Oct 1, 2016 453
Ceres is more than just a rock: pliable layer of crust envelops dwarf planet's solid core. Crockett, Christopher Sep 3, 2016 382
Interaction of the lithospheric mantle and crustal melts for the generation of the Horoz Pluton (Nigde, Turkey): whole-rock geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic evidence/Litosfaarilise vahevoo ja maakooretekkega magmade suhted Horozi intrusiooni (Turgi) tekkes kivimi geokeemiliste ning Sr-Nd-Pb isotoopgeoloogiliste andmete alusel. Kocak, Kerim; Zedef, Veysel Report Sep 1, 2016 12975
Earth's crust under stress. Aug 25, 2016 194
Israel : Three Hundred Million Years Under the Sea. Aug 20, 2016 329
It's all relative. Brief article Aug 20, 2016 257
Falling through Earth would be a drag: air resistance, friction reduce velocity toward planet's core. Conover, Emily Aug 6, 2016 458
Earth's iron-lovers: geochemists explore platinum, gold and other rare elements to understand the planet's evolution. Witze, Alexandra Aug 6, 2016 2749
Spinning, bulging stars could cause weird seasons on their planets. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Jul 9, 2016 237
Earth is young at heart. Conover, Emily Brief article Jun 25, 2016 210
Plate tectonics could grind to a halt: shifting crust just 1 stage in Earth's life cycle, study suggests. Sumner, Thomas Jun 25, 2016 438
Mummified microbes: life thrives in niches deep below the seafloor. Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 437
The quest for the Moho: for more than a century, scientists have yearned to find out what's going on at the mysterious boundary between Earth's crust and mantle. Schanker, Gwendolyn; Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 3566
Life dwells deep within Earth's crust: what's living there and how? Schanker, Gwendolyn Jun 22, 2016 1103
Relics of Earth's birth still linger: traces of ancient isotope give insight into planet's origin. Geiger, Beth Jun 11, 2016 350
ATUNE: Attenuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth's free oscillations. Jun 8, 2016 378
GOBMEUM: Generation of Basaltic Magmas in the Earths Upper Mantle. Jun 4, 2016 397
Breaking the dragon's gaze commodity fetishism in Tolkien's Middle-earth. Kelly, Steven Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 8664
Mapping gender in middle-earth. Miller, John Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 9455
Vertical crustal movements in Estonia determined from precise levellings and observations of the level of Lake Peipsi/Maapinna vertikaalliikumised Eestis, tuginedes tappisnivelleerimistele ja Peipsi jarve veetaseme vaatlustele. Kall, Tarmo; Liibusk, Aive; Wan, Junkun; Raamat, Rivo Report Mar 1, 2016 13688
Rb-Sr isotopic geochronology and geological implications of Dongfeng gold deposit in Jiaodong area. Zongyong, Wang; Guxian, L.V.; Xunyu, Zhang; Xin, Han; Yingchun, Zhang; Xiao, Fan; Qinglong, Huo; Yaq Report Mar 1, 2016 5612
Earlier origin for earth's center: innermost core formed soon after planet did, study finds. Sumner, Thomas Jan 23, 2016 552
Boring billions. Brief article Jan 23, 2016 277
Gooey mantle boundary discovered: region resists movement of magma plumes, sinking plates. Sumner, Thomas Jan 9, 2016 521
Age, growth, and population structure of the red flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the North Pacific Ocean, determined from beak microstructure. Fang, Zhou; Li, Jianhua; Thompson, Katherine; Hu, Feifei; Chen, Xinjun; Liu, Bilin; Chen, Yong Report Jan 1, 2016 6213
On the nature of the magnetic field of the earth and other planets. Danilov, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2016 6022
Gravity probe B mission wraps up: papers sum up tests confirming Einstein's general relativity. Grant, Andrew Dec 26, 2015 451
Magnetic poles not about to flip: earth's weakening field is a return to normal, study finds. Sumner, Thomas Dec 26, 2015 408
Moon might have formed in 2 stages: chemicals missing from lunar rocks may be under crust. Crockett, Christopher Dec 12, 2015 432
Origin of Earth's water questioned: deuterium levels in mantle suggest comets not the source. Sumner, Thomas Dec 12, 2015 570
Isostatic crustal thickness under the Tibetan plateau and Himalayas from satellite gravity gradiometry data/Espesor isostatico de la corteza bajo la meseta Tibetana y los Himalayas a partir de datos satelitales de gradiente gravitatoria. Tenzer, Robert; Bagherbandi, Mohammad; Sjoberg, Lars E.; Novak, Pavel Report Dec 1, 2015 6144
Gordon Bell Prize Awarded for Most Realistic Simulation of the Dynamics of Earth's Interior to Date; Opens Path to Better Understanding of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Nov 20, 2015 1206
Earth's (not so boring) boring billion: when the planet's oxygen was scarce, animals may have emerged under the radar. Sumner, Thomas Nov 14, 2015 2662
Provision of Service for Stse 3d-earth. Oct 28, 2015 382
Map captures sources of Earth's antineutrino glow. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Oct 3, 2015 269
Effects induced by core stability in track and field sprinters: a pilot study/Effetti indotti dalla core stability sugli sprinter: uno studio pilota. M., Giorgi; M., Piras Report Oct 1, 2015 4962
Mystery at the Center of the Earth new research attempts to unravel the paradoxical past of the planet's magnetic field. Sumner, Thomas Sep 19, 2015 2824
Australia hosts planet's longest chain of continental volcanoes. Sep 15, 2015 382
Earth core: Exploring Thermodynamic Properties of Earth s Core-Forming Materials. Jul 6, 2015 396
REVEAL: Peering through the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to reveal geology, crustal architecture and tectonic influences on ice sheet dynamics. Jul 1, 2015 322
NASA expanding materials science research. May 7, 2015 336
Plate loss gave chain of Pacific islands, seamounts a kink: shift in mantle flow repositioned hot magma plume responsible for Hawaiian archipelago. Sumner, Thomas May 2, 2015 638
The good earth: by the numbers. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 152
Earth's crust shifts over slippery base: weak rock layer may help plates slide around planet. Sumner, Thomas Mar 7, 2015 657
Ice ages boost production of ocean crust. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Mar 7, 2015 201
New results for Palaeozoic volcanic phases in the Prague Basin-magnetic and geochemical studies of Listice, Czech Republic. Elbra, Tiiu; Schnabl, Petr; Tasaryova, Zuzana; Cizkova, Kristyna; Prunera, Petr Report Mar 1, 2015 2879
CORE BLIMEY; Scientists find secret second part to centre of the Earth... and sorry, Jules Verne, no dinosaurs. Feb 11, 2015 236
Life might like cool stars' rocky planets: atmospheric heating could evade tidal locking, aid habitability. Crockett, Christopher Feb 7, 2015 468
DEEPCARBON: Deep partial melting of subducted carbon and the formation of sub-lithospheric diamonds and their mineral inclusions. Jan 28, 2015 320
Gamma-ray bursts bad news for life: Earth may have been zapped, leading to mass extinctions. Grant, Andrew Jan 10, 2015 430
A different view of Lebanon. Brief article Jan 5, 2015 322
The rise of doublethink. Larabell, John Jan 5, 2015 3055
Shear-wave velocity structure of Australia from Rayleigh-wave analysis. Corchete, V. Report Dec 1, 2014 9599
Deep-Earth Carbon: Clues To Origin of Life. Nov 23, 2014 470
SICOMIN: Silicon carbon oxide minerals at extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Nov 18, 2014 311
Alternate way to make oxygen found: process may alter view of how Earth's atmosphere formed. Mole, Beth Nov 15, 2014 444
Surprises lurk in a Saturn moon. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Nov 15, 2014 150
Impacts probably stifled early life: giant asteroids hit Earth until about 4.3 billion years ago. Sumner, Thomas Aug 23, 2014 577
Systematic differences in eye numbers between the left and right valves of the sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus: an evolutionary response for visualizing the water column? Whoriskey, Kim; Whoriskey, Sophie; Whoriskey, Frederick G. Report Aug 1, 2014 4193
All About Crystals: Tiny, Giant, from Mars, from Earth's Mantle, in Medicine and in Manufacturing. Jul 28, 2014 1554
Water permeates Earth's interior: blue mineral offers peek at conditions inside the mantle. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jul 12, 2014 580
Spin of an exoplanet calculated for the first time. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Jun 14, 2014 110
'Echoes' of earth proves how moon was formed. Jun 10, 2014 202
Earth's orbit plays a big part. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 253
Inquiry into vertical movements of the earth's crust based on samples from Eastern Lithuania. Puziene, Ruta; Anikeniene, Asta; Karsokiene, Gitana Report Jun 1, 2014 5057
Four-billion-year-old ancient rocks yield clues about Earth's earliest crust. May 30, 2014 268
United States : Construction to Begin on NASA Mars Lander Scheduled to Launch in 2016. May 20, 2014 435
Mars' 2016 Lander launch to probe how Earth-like planets are formed. May 20, 2014 412
Construction to Begin on NASA Mars Lander Scheduled to Launch in 2016. May 19, 2014 967
Wee minerals may have shaped plates: damaged rock may explain origin of Earth's tectonics. Lubick, Naomi May 17, 2014 498
Parts of Antarctica sliding sideways. Apr 1, 2014 415
'Worthless' brown diamond hints at vast underground oceans inside Earth. Mar 13, 2014 325
Water in middle Earth. Mar 13, 2014 184
The Earthquake in the Ready East. Mar 5, 2014 1350
What are "dirty fuels" and why are they so called? Green, Bill Feb 23, 2014 539
Eye in the sky: NASA images show before-and-after scenes of Earth. Popkin, Gabriel Brief article Feb 8, 2014 209
Ocean Water May Reach Upper Mantle Via Faults. Jan 28, 2014 510
United States : NASA Searches for Climate Change Clues in the Gateway to the Stratosphere. Jan 18, 2014 438
NASA Searches for Climate Change Clues in the Gateway to the Stratosphere. Jan 17, 2014 795
Huge plasma loops drive sun's rotation: giant structures support theory of heat transport mechanism. Popkin, Gabriel Jan 11, 2014 464
Earth's Crust Dripped to Mantle in Archean Eon. Jan 5, 2014 521
Gifts that truly matter: humans are the recipients of extraordinary sifts: a singularly unique, habitable planet, an unmatched ability to use the Earth to our benefit, and a scientifically incomprehensible spirit. Scaliger, Charles Dec 23, 2013 2749
Large impact crater could hold clues about moon's mantle. Dec 10, 2013 329
Canada : Successful Launch of the Swarm Constellation Carrying Canadian Science and Technology. Nov 23, 2013 333
Three COM DEV Instruments Launched Onboard European Space Agency's Swarm Satellites. Nov 22, 2013 965
How Earth evolved billions of years ago. Nov 7, 2013 258
Rise of oxygen on Earth pushed back: gas was present in the planet's atmosphere 3 billion years ago. Shugart, Jessica Oct 19, 2013 534
Cometlike crashes produce building blocks of life. Shugart, Jessica Brief article Oct 19, 2013 152
Saturn and Jupiter have Diamond-Studded Atmospheres. Oct 10, 2013 304
Exploring Earth's alien spaces. Witze, Alexandra Oct 5, 2013 592
Microscopic life discovered in oceanic crust. Sep 28, 2013 254
300-year-old riddle about which direction centre of earth spins solved. Sep 22, 2013 351
How continents formed on Earth. Sep 17, 2013 182
Say what? Shergottite\SHER-goh-tite\n. Zielinski, Sarah Brief article Sep 7, 2013 115
Molten magma can survive in Earth's upper crust for hundreds of millennia. Aug 26, 2013 440
Day length changes every six years: cycles in rotation speed suggest Earth's core plays a role. Gelling, Cristy Aug 24, 2013 340
Heat flow from Earth's mantle leading to Greenland ice melting from below. Aug 12, 2013 500
Planet may have orbit twice Pluto's: distant world far from its sun hard to explain--if it exists. Grant, Andrew Jul 27, 2013 477
New discovery could help explain earth's origin. Jul 17, 2013 386
Maybe Earth's chlorine blew away: giant impacts could explain low levels seen today. Wayman, Erin Brief article Jun 1, 2013 563
Reference crust-mantle density contrast beneath Antarctica based on the Vening Meinesz-Moritz isostatic inverse problem and CRUST2.0 seismic model. Tenzer, Robert; Bagherbandi, Mohammad Report Jun 1, 2013 4840
Earth's mantle affects long-term sea-level rise estimates. May 24, 2013 620
Buried crustal remnants last eons. Wayman, Erin Brief article May 18, 2013 171
Faint young sun: scientists struggle to understand how early Earth stayed warm enough for liquid water. Wayman, Erin May 4, 2013 2915
Asteroid attack. O'Rourke, Morgan Brief article May 1, 2013 282
Sandy Shook the Earth, Helping Scientists Study Crust and Upper Mantle. Apr 19, 2013 500
Distant planets' atmospheres come into view: telescopes analyze gases on worlds light-years away. Wayman, Erin Apr 6, 2013 789
Cause of congestion in Earth's mantle revealed. Apr 1, 2013 561
Ocean of molten rock covered Moon's entire surface. Mar 12, 2013 453
Christian faith and the earth conference: theological reflection and action. Rakoczy, Susan Conference notes Mar 1, 2013 2849
The orbital perspective. Belli, Brita Brief article Mar 1, 2013 310
Martian meteorite is one of a kind: water-rich rock resembles known areas of Red Planet's crust. Lewis, Tanya Jan 26, 2013 350
Switzerland : Dynamical processes in the tropopause region and their impact on the distribution of atmospheric trace gases. Jan 18, 2013 324
France : Quantitative picture of interactions between climate, hydrological cycle and stratospheric inputs in Antarctica over the last 100 years via the combined use of all water isotopes. Jan 18, 2013 330
NASA to send unmanned aircraft into stratosphere to study climate change. Jan 10, 2013 379
NASA Chases Climate Change Clues Into The Stratosphere. Jan 9, 2013 793
Florida senator says he's not sure how old the Earth is. Jan 1, 2013 536
Sapin, Francois, Iwan Hermawan, Manuel Pubellier, Christophe Vigny, and JeanClaude Ringenbach, 2013, The recent convergence on the NW Borneo Wedge--a crustal-scale gravity gliding evidenced from GPS. Jan 1, 2013 187
Earth's atmosphere. Nov 1, 2012 3147
Weighty matters. Goudarzi, Sara Brief article Aug 21, 2012 293
Why Do The Caribbean Islands Form An Arc? Aug 21, 2012 382
Ancient meteorites shed light on Earth's birth and infancy. Jul 23, 2012 589
World's most brilliant X-rays illuminate origin of volcanic hotspots. Jul 19, 2012 822
The Suicides. O'Reilly, Caitriona Poem Jul 1, 2012 252
Titan's tides point to hidden ocean beneath Saturn's largest moon. Jun 29, 2012 471
Hold On A (Leap) Second! Get Ready For A Long(er) Weekend. Jun 28, 2012 519
The End Of The World Will Happen Like This. Jun 23, 2012 1291
Astronomers pin down Earth's place in universe. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Jun 16, 2012 378
Imminent Irreversible Planetary Collapse and Collision Course Predicted. Jun 9, 2012 401
Earth's beating lasted longer: bombardment persisted over 2 billion years, analysis finds. Drake, Nadia Jun 2, 2012 392
How bizarre. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Apr 7, 2012 132
Local doppler effect, index of refraction through the earth crust, PDF and the CNGS neutrino anomaly? Assis, Armando V.D.B. Apr 1, 2012 3339
NASA Measures Impact of Huge Solar Flare on Earth's Atmosphere. Mar 26, 2012 1470
Research and Markets: Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions. Mar 13, 2012 395
How oldest continents were formed. Mar 13, 2012 573
Now, get unprecedented glimpse between earth's crust and mantle. Mar 11, 2012 240
Investigation of the recent Earth's crust deformations in the territory of Lithuania. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiva Report Mar 1, 2012 5171
Building blocks of early Earth survived massive collision. Feb 18, 2012 307
Microbes may help unlock secrets of Earth's ocean crust. Jan 11, 2012 374
The 2011 Japanese earthquake: an overview of environmental health impacts. Ratnapradipa, Dhitinut; Conder, James; Ruffing, Ami; White, Victor Report Jan 1, 2012 5304
Earth. Dec 31, 2011 453
New Kind of Metal in the Deep Earth. Dec 20, 2011 494
Milky Way could harbour colossal super-earths made of diamonds. Dec 6, 2011 419
Venus unveiled: spacecraft finds Earthy features on sister planet. Drake, Nadia Dec 3, 2011 1350
Temperature, humidity and wind from Estonian and Finnish radiosonde data (1993-2009)/ Temperatuur, ohuniiskus ja tuul raadiosondi andmetel Eestisning Soomes (1993-2009). Keevallika, Sirje; Krabbib, Miina Report Dec 1, 2011 3199
NRL's MIGHTI Selected by NASA for Potential Space Flight. Nov 10, 2011 448
Earthly riches may be heaven-sent: meteorites possibly peppered planet with precious metals. Powell, Devin Brief article Oct 8, 2011 259
KARELIAN DIAMOND RESOURCES PLC - Results from Seitapera drilling. Oct 3, 2011 526
Earth not so special. Powell, Devin Brief article Sep 24, 2011 124
Hemisphere helper. McMahon, Jim Sep 19, 2011 348
Mining the moon. Sep 16, 2011 648
Brazilian diamonds reveal carbon cycle reaches Earth's lower mantle. Sep 16, 2011 305
GTSO Ships Mongolian Rare Earth Core Samples to South Korea. Sep 12, 2011 665
Science past: from the issue of August 26, 1961. Brief article Aug 27, 2011 117
GTSO Rare Earth Core Samples Sent for Analysis. Aug 23, 2011 708
Russians dig to reach below Earth's Crust. Brief article Aug 13, 2011 198
By land or by sea in the earth sciences' 'space race'. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Aug 13, 2011 263
Crash landing ends up mission accomplished: wrecked probe yields data about the early solar system. Witze, Alexandra Jul 16, 2011 881
Plumes of hot magma driving Earth's massive tectonic plates. Jul 7, 2011 297
July Fourth: When Earth will be farthest from Sun. Brief article Jul 2, 2011 319
Asteroid 2011 MD barely misses Earth on Monday but real danger lurks in 2182. Brief article Jun 27, 2011 307
House-size asteroid 2011 MD will fly dangerously close to Earth's surface Monday. Jun 26, 2011 721
NASA Sky Camera Captures Man-Sized Meteor (VIDEOS). Brief article May 24, 2011 253
Messenger pays a yearlong visit to Mercury. Cowen, Ron May 21, 2011 1347
Earth's inner core is melting and freezing at same time, says IITian. May 19, 2011 347
Research and Markets: Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism - 25 Years After The Discovery Of Coesite And Diamond. May 18, 2011 474
Continent prepares to do the splits: thinning East Africa crust shows how land gives way to ocean. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Apr 9, 2011 331
Ask science world. Brief article Apr 4, 2011 115
Research and Markets: Timescales of Magmatic Processes: From Core to Atmosphere. Mar 23, 2011 688
Resources, production and processing of Baltoscandian multimetal black shales. Lippmaa, E.; Maremae, E.; Pihlak, A.-T. Report Mar 1, 2011 3424
Earth's inner core rotating slower than previously believed. Feb 22, 2011 455
Ask Science World. Feb 14, 2011 135
Liguid acquisition: two new scenarios ramp up debate over how Earth got its water. Cowen, Ron Jan 15, 2011 2702
Moon 'has Earth-like core'. Jan 12, 2011 270
NASA Research Team Reveals Moon Has Earth-Like Core. Jan 6, 2011 768
Spotlight. Spaulding, Jonathan Brief article Dec 22, 2010 103
Continental hearts: ancient expanses called cratons pose a geological puzzle. Petit, Charles Dec 18, 2010 2941
New discoveries resolve debate over oxygen in Earth's mantle. Dec 15, 2010 386
Life discovered in deepest layer of Earth's crust. Nov 23, 2010 232
'Speed gun' for Earth's insides developed. Oct 28, 2010 377
First dynamic model 'to explain' mystery of Mount Etna. Oct 8, 2010 387
Scientists recreate extreme conditions 1800 miles below Earth's crust. Sep 24, 2010 247
Can geoengineering be green? Sep 22, 2010 1911
Reasons for the seasons: for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and cooler. Why? Sep 20, 2010 543
Earth's mantle and core mix 2900 km below our feet. Sep 18, 2010 538
Application of deterministic and geostatistical interpolation methods for Earth surface modeling/Deterministiniu ir geostatistiniu interpoliavimo metodu taikymas zemes pavirsiui modeliuoti. Nareiko, Viktor; Ruzgiene, Birute; Uselis, Adomas Report Sep 1, 2010 2060
New theory to reveal why midcontinent faults generate earthquakes? Jul 31, 2010 693
New research improves odds of finding diamonds. Jul 15, 2010 598
Split in Earth's crust doesn't always cause volcanic eruptions: Experts. Jun 17, 2010 356
Life has common ancestral source: protein study confirms that all organisms are relatives. Saey, Tina Hesman Jun 5, 2010 372
Gravity lows mark rock burial sites: ancient watery upwelling may explain gravitational anomalies. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jun 5, 2010 279
Engineering a cooler Earth: researchers brainstorm radical ways to counter climate change. Engelhaupt, Erika Jun 5, 2010 2930
Measuring dipole moment of a permanent magnet and the earth's local magnetic field. Getaneh, Misganaw; Wimbish, Wallis A. Report Jun 1, 2010 3880
200km deep subduction of Indian continent under Asia. May 29, 2010 205
Neptune might have been hit with icy comet two centuries ago. May 29, 2010 582
Pollutants from Asia hover in stratosphere during monsoon. Mar 27, 2010 446
Institution reveals an almost blind pro-nuclear view; Neil Crumpton, energy specialist at Friends of the Earth Cymru, says the IMechE report is out of date and blinkered. Mar 17, 2010 604
Small Isn't Just Beautiful, It's Educational For California-Irvine Students Launching Micro Satellite to Photograph the Earth. Mar 16, 2010 600
Kelly is leading the way to save the Earth; Star is supporting big lights switch-off. Mar 16, 2010 459
Geo-neutrino anti-matter found by scientists for first time. Mar 16, 2010 426
Travel Environment Watch - Asia / Pacific. Brief article Mar 15, 2010 239
Couple go to the ends of the Earth. Mar 15, 2010 381
MINI-ME to uncover secrets of outer layers of Earth's atmosphere. Mar 13, 2010 407
Students who understand Earth's geological age are more likely to accept human evolution. Mar 12, 2010 423
Earth's weak magnetic field helped Sun to steal water from planet's early atmosphere. Mar 5, 2010 450
Design Engineers Across The Globe Compete in 'Create the Future' Contest; - Save Lives, Create Jobs, Keep the Earth Green and Win a Grand Prize of US$20,000. Mar 1, 2010 616
The New 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 104
Water vapor drop dampens temps: global warming slowed by decline in upper atmosphere's [H.sub.2]O. Perkins, Sid Feb 27, 2010 504
Soon, astronauts to orbit Earth in inflatable space stations. Feb 24, 2010 186
Corals reef in danger of being wiped off the face of the Earth. Feb 22, 2010 418
Shuttle lands back in Florida. Feb 22, 2010 490
The politics of cosmic catastrophe. Feb 14, 2010 978
Research and Markets: Interaction Between Earth's Rotation and Geophysical Processes: A Must for Geophysicists, Oceanographers, Glaciologists, Climatologists and Meteorologists Alike. Feb 12, 2010 262
And The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth. Feb 3, 2010 660
EarthGrains[R] Brand Invites Consumers to Join the "Plot to Save the Earth" as It Introduces New Environmentally Friendly Wheat Bread. Feb 2, 2010 1131
Energy that doesn't cost the Earth. Feb 2, 2010 241
India might be sinking into Earth's mantle. Feb 1, 2010 197
The Earth Has Caught a Cold. Book review Feb 1, 2010 135
From the beginning. Flannery, Maura C. Column Feb 1, 2010 4052
Saving the Earth. Jan 30, 2010 485
Energy that doesn't cost the Earth. Jan 27, 2010 241
Alligators' breathing method may explain how dinos ruled the Earth. Jan 15, 2010 319
Supernova explosion may wipe out the Earth. Jan 7, 2010 303
Editorial: Risk of Apophis. Editorial Jan 3, 2010 526
A black future: without destroying the Earth, the Large Hadron Collider might help humans explore the cosmos. Siegfried, Tom Essay Dec 19, 2009 1670
GOOD GIFTS; MAKE sure your gift is useful after Christmas by choosing something that helps others or saves the Earth. Dec 13, 2009 219
Earth 30-50 percent more sensitive to CO2 than previously estimated. Dec 7, 2009 375
Marching for the Earth. Dec 6, 2009 108
Hawaiian hot spot's deep roots uncovered by scientists. Dec 5, 2009 402
Loving the Earth; Locals heading to Denmark for climate conference. Conference news Dec 4, 2009 1060
Scared to Death: from BSE to global warming: how scares are costing us the Earth. Dorsey, Erica Book review Dec 1, 2009 279
A new qualification needn't cost the Earth. Dec 1, 2009 331
The international year of planet Earth is finishing--some results and developments in Estonia. Seosoo, Alvar Dec 1, 2009 1409
The crystalline basement of Estonia: rock complexes of the Palaeoproterozoic Orosirian and Statherian and Mesoproterozoic Calymmian periods, and regional correlations/Eesti kristalne aluskord: paleoproterosoilised Orosiri ja Statheri ning mesoproterosoilised Calymmi ajastu kivikompleksid ja regionaalne korrelatsioon. Kirs, Juho; Puura, Vaino; Soesoo, Alvar; Klein, Vello; Konsa, Mare; Koppelmaa, Heino; Niin, Mati; Ur Dec 1, 2009 6363
8th international conference "Resource Reproducing, Low-wasted and Environmentally Protecting Technologies of Development of the Earth Interior" September 14-18, Tallinn 2009, Estonia. Sabanov, Sergei Dec 1, 2009 326
Upper air. Table Dec 1, 2009 28645
Estimation of the generalized characteristics of spatial movements of the Earth crust using the data of GPS measurements/ Erdviniu Zemes plutos judesiu apibendrintuju charakteristiku nustatymas pagal GPS matavimu duomenis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Aksamitauskas, Vladislovas Ceslovas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiv Report Dec 1, 2009 2629
Oceanic crust formation much more dynamic than previously believed. Nov 26, 2009 434
Westwood dazzles on the Earth. Nov 22, 2009 573
Reinventing the wheel. Nov 19, 2009 220
Earth formed from meteoritic material, say scientists. Nov 14, 2009 368
Reduce Carbon Emission to Save the Earth The Ministry of Economics Affairs Awards 26 Organizations with Excellent Work in Energy Conservation. Nov 12, 2009 237
Warming to a theme. Nov 12, 2009 412
Asteroid almost smacked into Earth on November 6. Nov 11, 2009 275
A new qualification needn't cost the Earth. Nov 11, 2009 331
Icy asteroid. Cowen, Ron Brief article Nov 7, 2009 84
Oxygen production began in Earth's oceans 100 mln yrs earlier than believed. Nov 1, 2009 446
Allies of the Earth. Book review Nov 1, 2009 173
The Earth Shook. Children's review Nov 1, 2009 324
Eco/feminism and history in fantasy writing by women. Raddeker, Helene Bowen Critical essay Nov 1, 2009 8191
Inglis shows why it's rugby on a different stratosphere. Oct 27, 2009 513
Scientists say feeding cows garlic could save the Earth. Oct 25, 2009 356
350 artists perform for the Earth. Oct 22, 2009 684
Source of Earth's mineral riches may be alien in origin. Oct 21, 2009 363
Leaders must agree green deal - for the Earth's sake; COMMENT. Oct 20, 2009 462
Source of Earth's mineral riches may be alien in origin. Oct 19, 2009 363
DUMBSDAY; Claims that secret monster planet Nibiru will smash into the Earth on December 21, 2012, a myth say Nasa. Oct 17, 2009 390
So just how green was red Rhodri? In the wake of Rhodri Morgan's decision to step down as First Minister at the end of the year, the director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, Gordon James below, assesses his environmental record: the friday essay. Oct 16, 2009 852
Scientists put to rest controversy regarding Earth's magnetic field. Oct 12, 2009 434
Scientists create 'artificial ionosphere' using radio waves. Oct 12, 2009 446
Atmosphere took roller-coaster ride around time of Earth's oxygenation: minerals hint that levels of the gas rose, dipped, rose again. Perkins, Sid Oct 10, 2009 451
Ancient whales walked the Earth millions of years ago. Oct 5, 2009 427
Scientists put to rest controversy regarding Earth's magnetic field. Oct 5, 2009 434
Scientists create 'artificial ionosphere' using radio waves. Oct 5, 2009 446
On verge of immortality; Lee Mottershead says Sea The Stars stands one victory away from a place in racing's stratosphere. Oct 4, 2009 1026
The Earth Chronicles Handbook. Book review Oct 1, 2009 87
Red, white, or ... green? How to help the Earth and drink good wine. Hint: avoid thick glass bottles. Schneider, Sara Oct 1, 2009 430
NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft to zero in on Mercury's crust. Sep 29, 2009 448
Igniting activists: it's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day--are you ready to get to work? Belli, Brita Editorial Sep 28, 2009 631
earth course praised following european tour visit. Sep 27, 2009 635
Planetary Boundaries: A Safe Operating Space for Humanity. Sep 23, 2009 1107
European satellite to make most detailed global map of Earth's gravity field. Sep 23, 2009 446
A gassy threat from above. Sep 16, 2009 644
Scientists create first complete seismic image of crust beneath Himalayan Mountains. Sep 12, 2009 448
Malaysian Palm Oil Council Disagrees With British Advertising Authority Judgment. Sep 11, 2009 601
Previously unknown mode of energy transfer from solar wind to Earth's magnetosphere found. Sep 11, 2009 451
Media Advisory: Renowned Mycologist Paul Stamets Speaking in Madison - "How Mushrooms can Save the Earth". Sep 10, 2009 101
Quality Partner to Manufacturers Achieves ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 Certification. Sep 2, 2009 284
Beloved on the Earth. Book review Sep 1, 2009 202
50 Ways to Help Save the Earth. Book review Sep 1, 2009 120
The contribution of Ward Neale to the development of scientific outreach and education in Canada. Nowlan, Godfrey S. In memoriam Sep 1, 2009 2882
Base metal pollution assessment in water and sediment of Nomi River, Tokyo, Japan. Sharmin, Shaila; Zakir, H.M.; Shikazono, Naotatsu Report Sep 1, 2009 10425
The evaluation of current vertical earth crust movement on leveling measurement/ Dabartiniu vertikaliuju Zemes plutos judesiu itakos niveliavimo matavimams vertinimas. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta; Anikeniene, Asta Report Sep 1, 2009 2746
Where we live forged by "superpiles". Sep 1, 2009 485
'Upper crust' has the power; Letters Letter to the editor Aug 24, 2009 104
Global warming may cause Earth's axis to tilt in coming century. Aug 21, 2009 448
Global 3D map indicates presence of water in certain areas of Earth's mantle. Aug 20, 2009 412

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