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A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) system for monitoring ground movement. Van Dommelen, Ronnie; MacInnis, Mitchell; Inglis, Derek; Hoar, Gareth Jan 1, 2021 229
Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Fast and Accurate Uncertainty Quantification in Geomechanical Modelling. Zoccarato, Claudia; Gazzola, Laura; Ferronato, Massimiliano; Teatini, Pietro Report Jul 1, 2020 11231
Frostquakes: what happens when ice meets ground. Apr 23, 2020 1198
Quantitative Evaluation of Ground Movements Caused by Grouting during Shield Tunnelling in Clay. Wang, Zhi-Feng; Cheng, Wen-Chieh; Wang, Ya-Qiong Technical report Sep 30, 2019 4328
Moonquakes Rumbling on the Lunar Surface: "[The] faults are... active and likely producing moonquakes today as the moon continues to gradually cool and shrink. Some of these quakes can be fairly strong--around five on the Richter scale.". Steigerwald, Bill; Jones, Nancy Jul 1, 2019 1193
CLUSTER BEHAVIOR OF THE GROUND DURING ITS IRREVERSIBLE MOVEMENT. Nazimko, Victor; Zakharova, Ludmila Report Oct 1, 2017 10292
Heat from Earth's core drives movement. Jun 1, 2017 378
Modelling the Influence of Ground Surface Relief on Electric Sounding Curves Using the Integral Equations Method. Mukanova, Balgaisha; Mirgalikyzy, Tolkyn; Rakisheva, Dilyara Report Jan 1, 2017 4719
New discovery on how earth's slant affects equatorial climate. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 304
Syllogistic comparison of morphological levels of miniature model of groundwater aquifer with seams and gaps in the yazd field. Shahbazi, Alireza; Ramesht, Mohammad Hossein Report Dec 15, 2014 1912
Wee minerals may have shaped plates: damaged rock may explain origin of Earth's tectonics. Lubick, Naomi May 17, 2014 498
A new iterative procedure for deconvolution of seismic ground motion in dam-reservoir-foundation systems. Sooch, Gurinderbir S.; Bagchi, Ashutosh Report Jan 1, 2014 4032
An efficient computation of effective ground range using an oblate earth model. Maturi, Dalal A.; Ullah, Malik Zaka; Ahmad, Shahid; Ahmad, Fayyaz Report Jan 1, 2014 4575
The seismic response of high-speed railway bridges subjected to near-fault forward directivity ground motions using a vehicle-track-bridge element. Ling-kun, Chen; Li-zhong, Jiang; Wei, Guo; Wen-shuo, Liu; Zhi-ping, Zeng; Ge-wei, Chen Report Jan 1, 2014 9140
Ground movement analysis based on stochastic medium theory. Fei, Meng; Li-chun, Wu; Jia-sheng, Zhang; Guo-dong, Deng; Zhi-hui, Ni Report Jan 1, 2014 2691
Movement tendencies in the Moravia region: Kinematical model. Pospisil, Lubomil; Svabensky, Otakar; Weigel, Josef Report Jul 1, 2013 7062
Fault still sliding years after quake: creeping movement underscores seismic danger to Istanbul. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Nov 17, 2012 227
Solar excitation of bicentennial Earth rotation oscillations. Ron, Cyril; Chapanov, Yavor; Vondrak, Jan Report Jul 1, 2012 5787
Models of vertical movements of the Earth crust surface in the area of Poland derived from leveling and GNSS data. Kontny, Bernard; Bogusz, Janusz Report Jul 1, 2012 2177
Geodynamic Network Sneznik: reprocessing and analyses of satellite data in the Czech part over the period 1997-2011. Svabensky, Otakar; Weigel, Josef; Pospisil, Lubomil Report Jul 1, 2012 3774
Analysis of surface movements from undermining in time. Dolezalova, Hana; Kajzar, Vlastimil; Soucek, Kamil; Stas, Lubomir Report Jul 1, 2012 3506
Gabriela locality: starting geodetic observations to detect the surface manifestations from undermining. Kajzar, Vlastimil; Dolezalova, Hana; Soucek, Kamil; Stas, Lubomir Report Jul 1, 2012 3170
Examples of rotational component records of mining induced seismic events from the Karvina region. Kalab, Zdenek; Knejzlik, Jaromir Report Jul 1, 2012 2416
Plate tectonics got a bumpy start: crustal motions may have started sporadically on early Earth. Witze, Alexandra Jun 2, 2012 349
Investigation of the recent Earth's crust deformations in the territory of Lithuania. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiva Report Mar 1, 2012 5171
Reduced the measured differences between heights estimating influence of vertical earth movements/Ismatuotu auksciu skirtumu redukavimas ivertinant vertikaliuosius zemes pavirsiaus judesius. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta Report Jun 1, 2010 3143
3 ways to help Haiti. Feb 25, 2010 333
Create a rift: can you push "continents" apart? Brief article Jan 1, 2010 332
International year of planet earth 7. Oceans: submarine landslides and consequent tsunamis in Canada. Mosher, David C. Report Dec 1, 2009 7545
Estimation of the generalized characteristics of spatial movements of the Earth crust using the data of GPS measurements/ Erdviniu Zemes plutos judesiu apibendrintuju charakteristiku nustatymas pagal GPS matavimu duomenis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Aksamitauskas, Vladislovas Ceslovas; Stanionis, Arminas; Levinskaite, Daiv Report Dec 1, 2009 2629
New tsunami proof buildings may save thousands of lives. Oct 22, 2009 392
Kyodo news summary. Oct 7, 2009 324
Global warming might lead to deadly tsunamis hitting Britain in future. Sep 15, 2009 308
The evaluation of current vertical earth crust movement on leveling measurement/ Dabartiniu vertikaliuju Zemes plutos judesiu itakos niveliavimo matavimams vertinimas. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta; Anikeniene, Asta Report Sep 1, 2009 2746
Glaciers cause quakes in Iceland. Jul 4, 2009 237
Glaciers cause quakes in Iceland. Jul 4, 2009 225
The estimation of the influence of current earth surface movements on the leveling networks/ Dabartiniu zemes plutos judesiu itakos vertinimas eksploatuojant niveliacijos tinkles. Puziene, Ruta Report Jul 1, 2009 1328
Earth tremor 'third in month'. Jun 8, 2009 208
Did it move for you? Jun 7, 2009 234
RC officials assess earthquake threat. May 29, 2009 229
RC officials assess earthquake threat. May 27, 2009 229
The Geoscience of Climate and Energy: An Introduction. Miall, Andrew D. Report Mar 1, 2009 678
New map of Lithuanian vertical Earth's crust movements/ Naujas Lietuvos teritorijos vertikaliuju Zemes plutos judesiu zemelapis. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Sliaupa, Saulius; Anikeniene, Asta Report Mar 1, 2009 3355
The research on the Earth's surface movement measured on the first class levelling lines correlations with geological factors in the territory of Lithuanian Republic/ Pirmosios klases niveliaciju linijose Lietuvos teritorijoje ismatuotu Zemes pavirsiaus judesiu sasaju su geologiniais rodikliais tyrimas. Zakarevicius, Algimantas; Puziene, Ruta Report Mar 1, 2009 3685
New design would make high-rise buildings better braced for quakes. Feb 28, 2009 417
Police station divides councilors. Feb 10, 2009 739
Shelving company creates earthquake-resistant line. Jan 24, 2009 500
Quake hits southern Philippines. Dec 25, 2008 142
Picking up the pieces. Dec 25, 2008 818
Picking up the pieces. Dec 24, 2008 818
Picking up the pieces. Dec 23, 2008 818
Mild tremors hit northern emirates. Dec 8, 2008 365
Public information films telling what to do in case of earthquake to be broadcast on local television soon. Nov 21, 2008 96
2009 UCT. Francis, Karen Nov 1, 2008 11783
Earthquake. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 111
Expatriates worried about loved ones. Oct 30, 2008 282
Shakeout, rattle, and roll. McPherson, Sara B. Brief article Oct 27, 2008 246
Kyodo news summary -4-. Oct 13, 2008 201
Latest tremor another sign of seismic activity in Iran. Sep 19, 2008 490
Conference evaluates lessons learned. Sep 1, 2008 446
The deadly six: natural catastrophes have killed more people in the first six months of 2008 than were killed in each of the full years since 2004. Gazica, Erin Sep 1, 2008 488
Lost: the donors: satellite phone needed to find ecotourists. McNamara, Don Aug 1, 2008 635
Major disaster is narrowly avoided. Jul 31, 2008 306
Brown hit by 'earthquake' POLITICS: Labour rocked by their biggest by-election upset. Jul 25, 2008 375
Airline News - Asia / Pacific. Jul 21, 2008 560
Airline News - Asia / Pacific. Jul 14, 2008 978
Panda relocation plan to take years. Jul 9, 2008 335
6.7 tremor sparks tsunami panic in the Andamans. Jun 28, 2008 297
Despite grief, China ready to embrace athletes. Jun 27, 2008 656
Qatar NGO opens 17 schools in quake-hit Pak region. Jun 22, 2008 428
Listening to quake's stressed survivors. Jun 7, 2008 1042
Legislation for fiscal year 2008. Martin, Kenneth W. Jun 1, 2008 36224
With Barry Zalma, attorney, Zalma Insurance Consultants. Interview Jun 1, 2008 787
Spin cycle. Buetow, Mike Jun 1, 2008 780
Determining a 1-D velocity model of the uppermost crust from P and S arrival times using the neighbourhood algorithm: synthetic test. Jansky, Jaromir; Plicka, Vladimir; Novotny, Oldrich Report Apr 1, 2007 3923
For the Record : Local news and events. Conference news Sep 24, 2006 802
Earthquake-risk insurance in Jordan. Sep 24, 2006 621
Resonant period of Free Core Nutation--its observed changes and excitations. Vondrak, Jan; Ron, Cyril Report Jul 1, 2006 3489
Instrument for monitoring spectral acceleration on response seismic ground motion. Buben, Jiri; Rudajev, Vladimir Report Apr 1, 2006 3764
The hypothesis on the Earth's expansion in the light of space geodesy results. Bajgarova, Tereza; Kostelecky, Jan Report Jul 1, 2005 3466
Discussion on the results of analyses of yearly observations (2003) of plumb line variations from horizontal pendulums and long water-tube tiltmeters. Kaczorowski, Marek Report Jul 1, 2005 3947
Strong ground motion monitoring network in the Legnica-Glogow Copper Mining District. Mirek, Janusz Report Jul 1, 2005 1904
Levelling and seismic refraction measurements of ground subsidence in a mining area. Jochymczyk, Krzysztof Report Jul 1, 2005 1668
Crust deformation monitoring in the Polish part of Snieznik Massif-continuing researches. Jamroz, Olgierd; Kaplon, Jan Report Jul 1, 2005 1273
Combining GPS and VLBI measurements of celestial motion of the Earth's spin axis and universal time. Vondrak, Jan; Ron, Cyril Report Jul 1, 2005 2975
Which way is north? Beware: Earth's natural compass may be turning upside down. Barrow, Karen Mar 7, 2005 771
Deformation analysis of the upper part of the earth crust in the Snieznik Massif (Polish and Czech sides between 1993 and 2003). Cacon, Stefan; Svabensky, Otakar; Kontny, Bernard; Weigel, Josef; Jamroz, O.; Cmielewski, Kazimierz; Report Jul 1, 2004 3053
Results of four years monitoring of displacements of rock blocks in the Krkonose Mts. Svabensky, Otakar; Weigel, Josef Report Jul 1, 2004 3723
The analysis of GPS measurements in Tatra Mountain. Mojzes, Marcel; Papco, Juraj Report Jul 1, 2004 2623
Integration of epoch-wise GPS measurement campaigns into a permanent reference frame. Hefty, Jan; Kovac, Marian; Igondova, Miroslava Report Jul 1, 2004 2484
Horizontal and vertical displacements of the stations within the frame of the individual plates based on the ITRS2000 reference system. Kostelecky, Jan; Zeman, Antonin Report Jul 1, 2004 2026
Tectonics of the upper Nysa Klodzka Graben: contentious issues. Don, Jerzy; Wojewoda, Jurand Report Jul 1, 2004 3123
Post-alpine tectonics of the upper Nysa Klodzka Graben: a reply. Badura, Janusz; Przybylski, Boguslaw; Zuchiewicz, Witold; Farbisz, Jan; Krzyszkowski, Dariusz; Sroka Report Jul 1, 2004 5164
Study probes pipelines with elbows subjected to permanent ground deformation. Yoshizaki, Koji; O'Rourke, Thomas D.; Hamada, Masanori Jan 1, 2004 2630
A day in the life: Earth. Stiefel, Chana Mar 9, 1998 538
From the beginning: monitoring change in a young lava flow. Tivey, Maurice A. Mar 22, 1996 480
Exploring volcanoes, earthquakes, and mounting building under the Atlantic Ocean. Lin, Jian Mar 22, 1996 496
Onshore earthquakes trigger sea shocks. Knox, Charles Nov 26, 1988 344
GPS steps forward with a small stumble. May 28, 1988 380
Seismic waves trapped in a fault. Jan 4, 1986 305

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