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Earth Took of Earth.

 A lion that, ravaged by lust, ravages a cub to luck its mother
again snaps, in his jaws,
 the cub's neck. Just like that. The world surrenders. Grasses
seed, peaches rot, lovers gorge, islands rumble under,
a young rabbi bleeds, a woman yawns in a brothel, a mess of blood and
semen, a white flag, babies
and ripe tomatoes in late October. 

JESSE NATHAN was born in Berkeley but grew up on a farm in Kansas. His writing has appeared in jubilat, The Nation, Gigantic, Adbusters, and many other publications. He's an editor at McSweeney's, and he co-edits the McSweeney's Poetry Series with Dominic Luxford. He's currently working on a PhD in literature at Stanford, and he lives south of San Francisco.
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Title Annotation:three poems
Author:Nathan, Jesse
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2012
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