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Earth Island in the News.

Earth Island Institute Founder Dave Brower resigned from the national board of the Sierra Club on May 18. Brower, the first executive director of the 108-year-old club issued the following statement:

With no little regret and a bit of desperation, I hereby resign from the Sierra Club Board as of today. I have learned a great deal as a 67-year member, have spoken about the club'S good work on all continents but Antarctica. Some of you may recall my commenting at the retreat at the Vermont Mountain School: "The world is burning and all I hear from the board is the music of violins."

If you will look at my Agenda for 2000 on my website [], you will find why I think things are getting worse and why, as I approach 88, I need to spend some time on putting out fires, not creating standing rules.

I hope the club will send an essential message by supporting Ralph Nader and the green reforms that the board should be able to help happen if the staff lets it be bold again.... And may the Sierra Club become what John Muir wanted it to be and what I have alleged it was.

Four days later, Brower characterized the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System's plan to shuttle visitors into the park on a fleet of diesel buses as "an affront to the grandeur of the nation's premier national park and a potential threat to public health." Brower noted that it was "the silence of the Sierra Club Board of Directors on this environmental travesty [that] prompted me to submit my resignation." The proposed diesel fleet could emit 1,500 percent more smog-forming nitrogen oxides and 3,000 percent more particulate matter than automobiles. Brower noted that "about a third of the conifers below 6,000 foot elevation already are seriously injured or dying due to air pollution."

Earth Island Journal was recently saluted on the UTNE Readers' Top 100 List as that magazine's 44th most-cited source for information and stories.

Sonoma State's Project Censored (the "Alternative Pulitzer Prize") has awarded EIJ Editor Gar Smith an Honorable Mention for his expose "What Was Aboard Flight 1872?" (Winter 99-00). Back copies of this issue are still available for $4 each (including postage).

The Journal welcomes two new staffers, Managing Editor Kristen Kogler, a journalist and former production manager for The Daily Californian, and Associate Editor John Wilner, a former UPI foreign correspondent and communications consultant to non-profit organizations.

Earth Island Institute Board President Bob Wilkinson, Executive Director John Knox and EII volunteer Ivy Gordon joined a global delegation of environmental representatives who participated in China's first Earth Day activities in Beijing. With help from Earth Day Network, a coalition of Chinese environmental groups sponsored various Earth Day activities, including a campaign that netted some 200,000 individual pledges to adopt a greener life style. Global Village Bejing hosted a follow-up conference for China's emerging environmental leaders to forge a coalition to further future efforts.

Ray Cheung of the US/China Association for Environmental Education, joined Bob, John, and other delegation members for a boatride down the Yangtze River, past large cities, mining and industrial sites, farms, and the famed Three Gorges natural area, which is slated for flooding by the Three Gorges Dam now under construction. The trip culminated in a tour of the dam construction site.

Julia Butterfly Hill's Circle of Life Foundation has joined Earth Island Institute as our latest project. Circle of Life [CLF, PO Box 388, Garberville, CA 95542, (707) 923-9522] promotes a sustainable culture that honors biological and cultural diversity. Through education and outreach, CLF will work with individuals and organizations to create environmental and social solutions that are rooted deeply in love and respect for the interconnectedness of all life. The Legacy of Luna, Julia's book about her two years atop an old-growth redwood tree is selling briskly and Julia is using her book tour as a platform to advocate sustainable forestry methods. For info on Julia's book tour, check the CLF website,

Global Service Corps' Mikaela Rejbrand is volunteering in Kenya with Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya. WOFAK [] works with women and children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. WOFAK's services included HIV/AIDS education, counseling and support. Global Service Corp has received a $15,000 grant from the Goldman Foundation for program expansion and capacity building.

Baikal Watch Director Gary Cook and China Biodiversity Network Director Jeanny Wang have joined hundreds of activists for AMUR 2000, a boat trip on the Amur/Heilangjing river along the Russia-China border. The boating trip hosted an international conference on the "Oriental Stork and Wetland Conservation" as part of a campaign to protect the habitat of migratory birds (including cranes, spoonbills and the endangered Oriental White Stork) that summer in the region's wetlands. Agriculture, pesticides, poaching and forest fires threaten the wetlands.

The Brower Youth Awards, launched by EII in honor of David R. Brower, recognize "outstanding and innovative leadership efforts of youth across the country." Six awards will be presented to young people working on conservation, preservation and restoration. Recipients will receive a cash prize of $3,000, a trip to the awards ceremony in San Francisco, a trophy and award certificate and a good deal of national media coverage. Applications may be requested by writing to "The Brower Youth Awards" c/o EII ( Applications are due by August 4. The awards will be announced at Earth Island Institute's fourth annual Party for the Planet on October 14, in San Francisco.

The Borneo Project has a new newsletter. The Borneo Wire is a quarterly publication that offers project updates, insightful editorials and news from Borneo. Borneo Project has also expanded its traditional arts project. Handcrafted items made by the indigenous peoples of Borneo are now available on the web. Many items are available for purchase including rattan baskets, carved shields, mats, decorative hats and beaded panels. The purchase of these items supports the ongoing efforts of indigenous artists in Borneo. Visit the website at: or drop by the Borneo Project's new office at 1771 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703, (510) 705-8987.

Henry Holmes, director of EII's Sustainable Alternatives to the Global Environment (SAGE) has accepted a position with the Columbia Foundation. SAGE's work has been put on hold for the present.

Earth Island Institute's Annual Report is being produced online for the first time and will be found on the EII website [] in August. In an effort to save paper, viewers will have the option of reading the report online or printing the document (using Adobe Acrobat). Members may request a printed copies by writing to Karen Gosling at EII, 300 Broadway, Suite 28, San Francisco, CA 94133.
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