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Earth Day 2014: Google Doodle Glorifies Mother Earth with Bizarre Creatures; 5 Things to Know about Them.

Known for its feat for creativity, Google has left no stones unturned in showing off its unique taste of how it celebrates the International Mother Earth day. The search engine giant has chosen to revere the earth by showcasing a collection of some of the most unique creatures that this earth has.

Google's animated Earth Day 2014 doodle feature creatures like Moon jellyfish, puffer fish, dung beetle, veiled chameleon, Japanese macaque, and the rufous hummingbird.

This year's Earth Day is the 44th, since its inception in 1970, which was widely viewed as a step forward in marking the beginning of a human consciousness that cares for the protection of the environment.

Google has done a good job in its selection of the critters to illustrate the mass environment protection movement that has gripped the attention of people around the world, although not many people would really include dung beetle among their most favorite of animals.

The Google doodle begins with an animation of rufous hummingbird hovering over flowers. The mouse-over text says, "The Rufous Hummingbird wishes you a happy Earth Day 2014!" There are three buttons next to the image, one that throws up Google results for Rufous Hummingbird, a share button that lets you share the doodle and a reload button that will show you the next slide.

The next slide then shows any of the other five species featured in the doodle - the dung beetle, veiled chameleon, Japanese macaque, moon jellyfish, puffer fish. Every species is presented with exactly the same mouse-over text and three buttons.

Following are some of the facts associated with the species in relation to the Google Doodle:

1. Among all the animal featured, the macaque is the largest.

2. The Rufous hummingbird is the smallest species among featured, growing to 8cm long.

3. Found in most of the world's oceans, the translucent moon jellyfish grows up to 40 cm in diameter. It is not dangerous to humans.

4. The puffer fish, however, is one of the most poisonous creatures on Earth. It is a major delicacy in Japan and must be prepared correctly. Otherwise the fish could kill anyone who eats it or to the very least, make one paralyzed.

5. Veiled chameleon grows up to 60cm in length and can alter its appearance and colour depending on the animal's emotional state, although it is usually green.

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Date:Apr 22, 2014
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