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Early hospital settlement.

The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees District 1199C have reached an early settlement, covering about 1,000 nonmedical service workers. The previous contract was scheduled to expire on July 1, 1992.

The 3-year agreement provides for wage increases of 4 percent on July 1 of each year of the pact and 1 percent on January 1 of each year. Other terms include an increase in the hospital's contribution rate to the training fund, from 1 percent to 1.5 percent of gross payroll; an increase in the hospital's contribution rate to the health and welfare fund, from 13.5 percent to 17.7 percent of gross payroll in July 1992, and to 20 percent in July 1993; an enhancement in the pension formula for future retirees, with bimonthly benefits equal to 1.9 percent, an increase from 1.7 percent, of the average annual wage earned during an employee's last 5 years of employment; an agreement to recommend to the pension fund trustees a 5-percent "cost-of-living adjustment" for current retirees; extension of the legal, training, health and welfare, and pension plans to part-time employees who work fewer than 20 hours a week (previously, available only to part-timers working more than 20 hours per week); and use of sick leave to care for members of an employee's immediate family.
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Title Annotation:Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's labor contract
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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