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Early Warning and Management of Surface Water Taste-and-Odor Events. .


Early warning and management of surface water taste-and-odor events. (CD-ROM included)

Taylor, William D. et al.

American Water Works Assn.


237 pages




The core of this report is a set of seven guidelines for evaluating taste and odor events that were derived from the accumulated practical experience of several utilities over many years. The remaining six chapters describe geosmin- and MIB-producing cyanobacteria isolated in U.S. labs, methods for analyzing MIB and geosmin, simulation models as tools for early warning and management of taste and odor events, and the source water storage and conveyance systems of eleven utilities. The CD-ROM contains seven appendices providing a simplified flavor profile method, a lake and reservoir mathematical model evaluation, and detailed evaluations of participating utilities.

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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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