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Early Modern Information Overload [Special Issue].

Early Modern Information Overload [Special Issue]

D. Rosenberg, ed. 2003. Journal of the history of ideas 64:1-10.

"What, then, is the history of 'information overload? Is it a history that can be written?.... Taken together, these papers suggest that during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries factors such as an increasing production and dissemination of books, developing networks of scientific communication, discoveries and innovations in the sciences, and new economic relationships all conspired to produce such quantities of new information that a substantial reorganization of the intellectual world was required.... On the other hand ... [the] differences among these accounts ... should not be too quickly smoothed over .... 'information overload' has important different valences."

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Title Annotation:Information Management
Author:Malone, Edward A.
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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