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Early Marriage.

Byline: Jabir Jabalzai

Early Marriage is one of the gravest challenges being faced in this advanced era. It has multifarious impacts on both genders. Even it is a violation of human rights even it is gender-based violence. Most of the girls are being thrown into such a forest of early Marriage. Nevertheless, the girls who are being married before their age, undoubtedly, suffer from this violation till their age.

When she is married before her age, she may think that being born as a female is being dumb who has a tongue but can not speak up.

When the girls are forced to do early Marriage the parents put them at risk of domestic violence.

Such as unwanted pregnancy as well as a ruin to physical and mental health.

In addition, while a child gets to marry and becomes pregnant, how she could give birth to a child that she is herself a child.

Perhaps, in most es normal delivery does not occur but operation even sometimes causes death. Because her organs are not matured or active to carry out or bear the pain of delivery. The disastrous impacts of early Marriage are effective and sensitive to social and moral values.

That is a serious issue to be solved rather than to be banned. Furthermore, some of the children have seen multiple dreams for their future while they get married they would get break inside even their dreams too but could not mention her problems even can not share her dreams to her parents who just want to hold her in soiling the name of marriage.

She bows thousands of dreams in her eyes with In minutes she could see the destruction of her imaginative world and the dreams and her life both are being sold without her intention.

Islam does give the right to females to be asked about the marriage proposal as Hazrat Ali, came for the intention of the marriage to Hazrat Bibi Fatima.

Though the relation was declared by Allah still holy prophet Muhammad (SAW)asked Fatima about the proposal of Hazrat Ali.

Nevertheless, we bother to ask their intentions. Furthermore, the parents, who perhaps sold their precious children and their dreams, love to acquire money not the affection for their children. Children are like flowers which bloom prosperities even payments if they flocked before their times they will die as same as the children who get early Marriage they would suffer from the entire life.

A child who is 11 or 12 years, she would get married to an adult man and how she would possibly manage her husband and her house because of being immature. In a nutshell, please for the sack some money do not break the dreams of your children.

Let them up and give them secure space for her future and be an active part to fulfill the dreams that she bows in her eyes Hold her hands and give the courage to be the pure daughter of eve( Bibi Hawa).

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Author:Jabir Jabalzai
Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 30, 2021
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