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Earl Hoyt. Jr.: 1911-2001.

The archery world lost one of its true giants on February 24 with the passing of bowmaker Earl Hoyt, Jr. A talented musician who once had his own band, the native Missourian was widely recognized as an engineering genius who held patents on a variety of archery innovations such as equal-length bow limbs, pistol grip bow handles, and bow stabilizers. His famous Hoyt bows -- stickbows and compounds alike--are known for their quality in both performance and design. Hoyt, widely remembered as "a nice man who always took the, time to tall archery with anybody, was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 1977. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Ann Weber Hoyt, herself a champion target archer and active bowhunter. He will be genuinely missed by Ann, his extended family at Sky Archery, and his many thousands of friends and admirers, including the entire Bowhunter staff.
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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