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Articles from Ear, Nose and Throat Journal (January 1, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
A rare case of a sebaceous nevus in the external auditory canal. (Original Article). Downey, Maj. Timothy J. 2404
Adult supraglottitis subsequent to smoking crack cocaine. (Original Article). Brown, Jimmy 1381
Ameloblastoma. (Pathology Clinic). Thompson, Lester D.R. Brief Article 279
Avoiding perils and pitfalls in velocardiofacial syndrome: an otolaryngologist's perspective. (Original Article). Lt.Col. Mair, Eric A. 3140
Benefits of aminoglycoside drops still outweigh the risks. (Rebuttal). Haynes, David S. 492
Cervical esophageal foreign body. (Esophagoscopy Clinic). Koufman, James A. Brief Article 313
Characteristics of systemic and topical agents implicated in toxicity of the middle and inner ear. (Review). Roland, Peter S. 3838
Direct application of dexamethasone for the treatment of chronic eustachian tube dysfunction. (Original Article). Thompson, Jack H., Jr. 2234
ENG in a woman with Meniere's syndrome who had a previous endolymphatic sac decompression. (Vestibulology Clinic). Brookler, Kenneth H. 600
Extended-wear hearing device. (Product Marketplace). Brief Article 258
Giant frontoethmoid mucocele with intracranial extension: case report. (Original Article). Canbaz, Bulent 1474
Hand-held exam light. (Product Marketplace). 132
Hysterical stridor: a report of two cases. (Original Article). Ahmed, Sahar M. 2147
Iatrogenic maxillary sinus recirculation and beyond. (Original Article). Houser, Steve 1447
Introduction. 103
Is same-day discharge suitable following rigid esophagoscopy? Findings in a series of 655 cases. (Original Article). Brown, Denise 2932
Long-term ventilating tube with tympanosclerosis. (Otoscopic Clinic). Deguine, Christian Brief Article 165
Maxillary sinus mucocele. (Rhinoscopic Clinic). Yanagisawa, Eiji 542
Medicare: all or nothing. (Editorial). Editorial 344
Nonsurgical Meniere's treatment. (Product Marketplace). Brief Article 167
Online repair orders for Siemens hearing instruments. (Product Marketplace). 262
Other topical agents are safer and just as effective. (Rebuttal). Rutka, John 608
Parotid gland lymphoepithelial cysts in HIV infection. (Imaging Clinic). Restrepo, Santiago 496
Plasma cell granuloma of the thyroid with Hashimoto's thyroiditis: report of a rare case. (Original Article). Said, Sherif 1221
Reducing billing errors at the point of service. (Practice Management Clinic). Isenberg, Steven F. Brief Article 136
Synthetic saliva. (Product Marketplace). 171
The effects of yelling in loud, smoky bars. (Laryngoscoplic Clinic). Sataloff, Robert T. 306
Topical aminoglycosides? No. The case against using these agents in chronic ear disease. (Debate). Rutka, John 2147
Topical aminoglycosides? Yes. The case for using these agents in chronic ear disease. (Debate). Haynes, David S. 1418
Treatment for balance disorders. (Product Marketplace). 204
Ultrasound tinnitus treatment. (Product Marketplace). 125
Visual-field loss caused by sinusitis: a case report. (Original Article). Gouws, Pieter 840

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