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Articles from Ear, Nose and Throat Journal (February 1, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
'Steakhouse syndrome' in a man with a lower esophageal ring and a hiatal hernia. (Esophagoscopy Clinic). Koufman, James A. Brief Article 110
Comparison of direct vision and video imaging during bronchoscopy for pediatric airway foreign bodies. (Original Article). Lee, Kuo-Sheng 2410
Cystic chondromalacia of the ear. (Pathology Clinic). Thompson, Lester D.R. 378
Digital hearing aids. (Product Marketplace). 194
Electronystagmography in a 74-year-old woman with vertigo. (Vestibulology Clinic). Brookler, Kenneth H. 555
Electrosurgical scissors. (Product Marketplace). 103
Lack of night-to-night variability of sleep-disordered breathing measured during home monitoring. (Original Article). Ferreyra, Henry 2300
Microdermabrasion system. (Product Marketplace). 87
Modified tubeless anesthesia during endoscopy for assessment of head and neck cancers. (Original Article). van Hasselt, Charles Andrew 3387
Obscure temporal bone fracture with conductive hearing loss. (Otoscopic Clinic). Pulec, Jack L. Brief Article 135
Power surgery table. (Product Marketplace). 188
Relative value units. (Practice Management Clinic). Isenberg, Steven F. 416
Safety scalpels. (Product Marketplace). 90
Symptomatic bilateral nasolacrimal duct cysts in a newborn. (Rhinoscopic Clinic). Respler, Don S. 649
The prevention of fire during oropharyngeal electrosurgery. (Original Article). Militana, Charles J. 2049
The Stout prosthesis: an alternate means of restoring speech in selected laryngectomy patients. (Original Article). Ashby, Jon K. 2330
The turbinates in nasal and sinus surgery: a consensus statement. (Guest Editorial). Friedman, William H. 1023
The use of topical ototoxic drugs in chronic otitis media. Pulec, Jack L. Editorial 395
Topical skin revitalizer. (Product Marketplace). 128
Ultrasound tinnitus treatment. (Product Marketplace). 125
Vocal fold pseudocysts. (Laryngoscopic Clinic). Zimmerman, Jeffrey Brief Article 209
Wegener's granulomatosis of the nasal cavity. (Imaging Clinic). Palacios, Enrique 573

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