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Eamonn Holmes' column: Psychic sensation that left my friend in a sweat.

SANDRA Ramdhanie has had a column in the Sunday News for a few months now and last week she started her new column in the Daily Mirror on Thursdays.

She claims to be able to help people deal with past experiences which have caused them pain.

She claims to be able to exorcise ghosts and unpleasant spirits from buildings and pinpoint missing persons.

She even claims to be able to help heal people's bodies and minds.

It all sounds a bit dodgy to the average ear - but a few words with Sandra will leave you breathless - it did me.

She is a caring woman who has indeed great intuitive qualities.

I've always been a bit of a sceptic when it comes to the paranormal but now I've changed my mind.

And if her columns don't convince you, see if this will.

Sandra was talking to a friend of mine whose father had been taken into hospital very suddenly for a heart valve replacement.

My chum had never spoken to Sandra, never met her and had never even heard her name before she had to interview her.

So it seems strange that Sandra, throughout the conversation, was able to tell my pal that she had been visiting a hospital every day to see a very ill relative.

She was also able to inform my friend that the patient had a serious chest infection.

However, she told her not to worry and said the infection would clear up by about Wednesday of the next week.

Then my chum's hands started to sweat profusely and - without prompting - Sandra asked if her hands were warm because she was sending healing vibes down the phone!

A little freaked out by Sandra's weird revelations, my pal visited the hospital to find her old fella had suddenly come down with a serious chest infection.

And it wasn't until Wednesday of the following week that the infection started to clear up.

Weeks later, complete with a new heart valve, my friend's father had to visit the hospital for a vital check up.

He got the all-clear and phoned his daughter at 5.30pm to tell her all was well with the world and his lovely new heart valve.

As she picked up the phone to relay the good news to her brother, she found Sandra on the other end - just making a quick call to let my pal know she felt her father was completely well and would continue in good health.

Could all of this be a coincidence?

I want to say `of course it is' - but I can't.

Psychic Sandra obviously has incredible powers that most of the rest of us are not privy to. She told me we all have psychic and healing powers but that we just don't tap into them properly.

And judging by the amount of letters she gets every week from concerned people across the country, I'm not alone in my opinion.

Sandra, who is very dubious about many other psychics' abilities, seems indeed a caring person.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Holmes, Eamonn
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 24, 1999
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