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Eager beaver.

This letter is for you guys there at the mag who also skate: I want to thank you for the KOTR story. What an awesome idea. I was so stoked reading it--all the locals you stoked out, all the people who got to meet and witness their heroes, all the amazing skating that went down. Jesus, if the rest of the world only knew, we'd never get skating back.

Skateboarding is such a small world. I was Bruce Adam's girl for years; I have skated his behemoth ramp and attended plenty of similar parties in that backyard. He was so very stoked when everyone of those dudes showed up for the BBQ. I got a rad picture of Koston doing a frontside Smith grinding the vert concrete side the next day from Bruce. Then you made the guys seek out that one S-rail that Uriel conquered, my buddy I have known since he was 15 back in '92. I recently moved from Boulder, otherwise I'd have been at that BBQ ramp jam too. It sucks for me. It was so cool seeing good, recent pics of Brewce's place. He's such a crazy nut, he would've done the naked pics for each team had he been there. Definitely time to make the drive; the backyard looks crazy fun. Just all of it, really. The whole idea was great. There's so much out there--so much waiting for us to find. I went on this trip last year after graduating from college. I wanted to skate everything I'd seen pictures of that made me go "whoa." Eight states, 100-plus parks, 8,125 miles, $2,000 ... and five weeks later, I was the happiest person alive. I had not been skating long when Boulder redid the blue park and presented us with a beautiful piece of concrete. I was 27, but eager. In my first year of skating, I broke my right hand, left tibia, two concussions in three weeks, and had shattered my left arm after hitting a Land Rover bombing a hill on my longboard. Injuries suck, but it's just all so worth it. My own personal challenge on the trip was to never again be afraid to skate any terrain out there. It maybe able to hurt me, but it will also provide more fun than pain every time. Thanks to the people I met up with along the way: the Santa Fe kids and Sam at the shop, Mike and Sara in Albuquerque who took me straight to the Indian School ditch, Chris McCready in La Jolla (listen to Mower, they are good). All the peeps up to Sarah's and the Derby crew, and to the SPA folk for the Skate Works ramp; thanks Megan and Jeff in Ashland, and Courtney in Lincoln City, the guys at Burnside who let me play even though I sucked. To the Ballard locals who let me skate with them, even though the pool wasn't "technically" open yet. Justin at the Board Room in Idaho, the Toothless guys in Logan, everyone in Park City--especially Brian and Brett. Thank you Thrasher for the huge sticker that is adorning the back window of my Explorer. For some reason, little kids take that as a sign I work for you. But in a weird way, I guess I do, because I love, live, eat, and dream about skateboarding. As long as we exist at all, the stoke will always continue. In the end, who really cares if of the hoop-la goes away? This current wave seems to have provided the most legal and most accepted skating ever which will remain for us in its wake. Like the KOTR challenge proves, sometimes you have to be willing to just take a long drive, look around, and maybe risk getting busted to find it. A big thank you goes out to the folks at Grindline, Dreamland, Site Design Group, and Team Pain for building amazing skater-designed parks.

Tanya Collins

Austin, Texas
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Title Annotation:Mail Drop
Author:Collins, Tanya
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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