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EZ-CAP Adds Three New Modules to Its Managed Care Information System; Premium Billing, Capitation Reconciliation, and Eligibility Management Offered.

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 2001

EZ-CAP(R), a division of QuadraMed Corporation (Nasdaq:QMDC), announced today the addition of three new advanced modules to its product line for premium billing, capitation reconciliation, and member eligibility management.

The three modules increase EZ-CAP's functionality and allow healthcare providers and payers to better manage their direct contracting arrangements, calculate and track capitation payments, and more efficiently process electronic eligibility files. Premium Pro(TM), using EZ-CAP eligibility data, calculates employer group premium rates and generates clear, attractive proposals and premium invoices. Cap Check(TM), using EZ-CAP eligibility data, detects and reports members missing from capitation or eligibility data and reconciles conflicting capitation amounts. Eligibility Manager(R) can be customized for various health plan data formats and allows for quick eligibility processing, cessation of payment for inactive members, and eliminates per-transaction fees.

According to Michael Wilstead, President, EZ-CAP Division, "These new enhancements -- along with our migration to Microsoft SQL Server enterprise technology -- demonstrate why EZ-CAP is and has been the industry standard for at-risk healthcare organizations. They further confirm QuadraMed's commitment to the EZ-CAP division and its customers."

The new modules, Premium Pro(TM), Cap Check(TM), and Eligibility Manager(R), were developed by Personable PC Solutions with which EZ-CAP has an exclusive development relationship.

About Personable PC Solutions

Personable PC Solutions, based in Portland Oregon, was established in 1993. The company's expertise is health care industry software. In addition to Premium Pro(TM), Cap Check(TM), and Eligibility Manager(R), the company also has developed Eligibility Manager(R) and Rapid Runner(TM), a popular add-on to R&R Report Writer.

About EZ-CAP

EZ-CAP is installed in over 250 sites and is the managed care information system industry standard for at-risk healthcare organizations. EZ-CAP provides secure, web-enabled modules for authorizations, premium billing, capitation payment, data reconciliation, benefit administration, contract management, and health plan and member eligibility management. EZ-CAP 4.0, which operates on Microsoft SQL Server enterprise technology, permits the use of a central database to concurrently process information for multiple managed care companies.

EZ-CAP is a business division of QuadraMed Corporation. For more information about QuadraMed, its products and services, visit

Note to Editors: QuadraMed and EZ-CAP are registered trademarks of QuadraMed Corporation. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective holders.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 13, 2001
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