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EYE GLUE; Groom weds with frayed sock stuck over bald eyebrows after stag night prank.

Byline: By Paul Hardaker

BRIDEGROOM Steve Simpson had to wear false eyebrows made out of a sock after his pals shaved off his real ones as a stag-night prank.

Waking up hungover, minus his eyebrows and with only two hours to go to the ceremony, Steve knew he had to act fast if he was not going to enrage bride-to-be Alison Ward.

The 27-year-old said: 'When I realised what the lads had done, my first thought was, 'She's going to kill me if she finds out.' 'I knew I had to find some eyebrows from somewhere. I don't know what made me think about using thread from a sock and double-sided sticky tape.

'It seemed like a good idea at the time although looking back, I don't know how I thought I'd get away with it.'

Tour rep Steve got to the church in Sheffield, south Yorkshire, early in a bid to escape attention but the guests were soon raising their eyebrows when they spotted him.

And 25-year-old Alison, a nurse, was not amused as she walked up the aisle.

She said: 'I didn't recognise him and, for a moment, I thought I was at the wrong wedding.

'I thought it was a joke at first but he couldn't look me in the eye when I got to the altar.

'The worst part was having to look at Steve when we were saying our vows.

'He looked like Groucho Marx. When he spoke,his eyebrows moved up and down.'

Alison added: 'But I soon burst out laughing. I thought, 'What the hell!' Steve is the love of my life and I'd marry him with or without his false eyebrows.

'At least it will give us something funny to look back on.'


SOCKS MANIAC:; Alison can see the funny side now after Steve had to get married with false eyebrows made from sock thread; BEN LACK
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 7, 2004
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