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Calling somebody a bird-brain might turn out to be a compliment if they are as clever as four-year-old Austrian raven Elias.

Ravens have long had a reputation for cunning and are known to be among the most intelligent birds on the planet, but Elias seems to take their accomplishments to another level.

But scientists have long referred to ravens as "the primates of the sky" and claim that their cognitive skills are on a par with dogs and wolves, so perhaps Elias is not alone.

Elias is the star attraction though on Dr Thomas Bugnyar's pioneering project researching raven intelligence at the Konrad Lorenz Institute in Austria.

He demonstrates his keen intellect in a technique called "caching", in which he protects his source of food in an elaborate game of bluff and counter-bluff with the team of research scientists. He is also apparently an accomplished problem solver, loves to have fun - whether its rolling in the snow or performing aerial acrobatics - and, it says here, is even learning to use a computer!
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 12, 2008
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