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 BOSTON, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Extension Technology Corp. today announced the completion of their second round of financing, which will amount to over $3 million, with the lead investment coming from Bessemer Venture Partners. Bessemer is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the country, having funded such well-known companies as Ungermann-Bass and Telenet.
 In commenting on the funding, G. Felda Hardymon of Bessemer Venture Partners said today that "Bessemer has always been interested in local area network technology. We're particularly excited about Extension Technology, because they deliver on the promise of local-area-network technology over a switched public network. Their products will be critically important to tomorrow's network services. Because they have carved a strategic niche in today's LAN market, Extension Technology will be an important part of our total portfolio."
 "Our new partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners offers a major market opportunity to Extension Technology," said Eugene Chang, CEO of Extension Technology Corp. "The initial test marketing of the Long Distance LAN Adapter exceeded all of our expectations and reaffirmed our strategy. Now, with Bessemer's support, we can rapidly expand distribution for our Long-Distance LAN products."
 In a separate announcement, the company stated that Robert Goldman has been named chairman of the board of Extension Technology.

The Long-Distance LAN Adapter
 Extension Technology markets the Long Distance LAN Adapter, the first Long-Distance LAN(tm) product. The LD-LAN Adapter lets PC users separated by thousands of miles form a virtual LAN. The Adapter consists of software and a 16-bit network interface board that plugs into a single full-length expansion slot in desktop or portable computers.
 The LD-LAN Adapter works with an economical basic-rate ISDN digital telephone line, offering PC users a totally transparent way to create virtual LANs of any size or configuration. Once connected to the remote network, the user's computer can act either as a workstation or server. The LD-LAN Adapter is compatible with IBM(R) PC/AT, PS/2(R) model 25, 30, 35, 40 computers or compatibles, and EISA computers.
 The LD-LAN Adapter is supplied with drivers for the Novell(R) NetWare(R) 3.1 and NetWare(R) Lite Network Operating Systems, the Novell Multi-Protocol Router, and Microsoft DOS and Microsoft Windows. The LD-LAN Adapter is compatible with all existing NetWare applications software.
 The LD-LAN Adapter works with standard Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate (BRI) digital telephone lines (2B+D) as supplied by most local telephone companies. It uses RJ-45 type cable (supplied) for connection to a telephone jack. The product is FCC Class B approved for use in homes for telecommuters. The LD-LAN Adapter uses voice-grade unshielded, twisted-pair telephone wire; local telephone lines can be up to 3.4 miles from the central office.
 Extension Technology Corp. is located at 30 Hollis Street, Framingham, Mass., 01701; telephone 508-872-7748; fax 508-872-7533.
 -0- 4/22/93
 /CONTACT: Robert A. Rolla of Extension Technology, 508-872-7748; Christopher Morgan of Christopher Morgan Communications, 617-739-3352, For Extension Technology/

CO: Extension Technology Corp. ST: Massachusetts IN: CPR SU: FNC

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Date:Apr 22, 1993

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