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 FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Extension Technology Corp. today announced it has doubled the performance of their first Long-Distance LAN(a) product, the LD-LAN(a) Adapter for ISDN digital telephone service. The LD-LAN Adapter connects personal computers separated by thousands of miles into a single virtual LAN. The LD-LAN Adapter now delivers data rates of 256 Kbps with new software, thanks to a new Lempel-Ziv data compression algorithm.
 "Our new, faster LD-LAN board answers user needs for more bandwidth," commented Eugene Chang, Extension Technology CEO. "We now deliver data transmission rates of up to 256 Kbps -- the equivalent of fractional T1 -- at the cost of dial-up modem service. We achieved this new level of performance by combining the power of Lempel-Ziv data compression, common in dial-up modems, with the superior performance of ISDN digital technology. Now users who have struggled to cost justify the expense of a fractional T1 link can show a pay back period measured in months instead of years."
 In addition to adding compression to the LD-LAN product, Extension Technology reduced its price. The new suggested retail price for the LD-LAN Adapter is $1,495, reduced from $1,895. This price change is effective immediately. The new software release featuring compression is shipping now and is free of charge to all current users of the LD-LAN Adapter.
 Combined with other LD-LAN features such as Suspend/Resume(a), the compression upgrade provides the most cost effective solution to link remote offices together. Suspend/Resume delivers major cost savings by automatically disconnecting nodes from the long-distance LAN when no data traffic is present, and reconnecting instantly as required. Suspend/Resume makes ISDN seem like a leased line because reconnection is automatic and takes place in less than one second.
 The Long-Distance LAN Adapter
 The Long-Distance LAN Adapter consists of software and a 16-bit network interface board that plugs into a single full-length expansion slot in desktop or portable computers. The LD-LAN Adapter works with an economical basic-rate ISDN digital telephone line. Once connected to the remote network, the user's computer can act either as a workstation, server, or router. The LD-LAN Adapter is compatible with IBM(R) PC's or compatibles, and EISA computers.
 The LD-LAN Adapter provides a totally transparent way for PC users to create virtual LANs of any size or configuration. The LD-LAN software transforms the digital public telephone network into a virtual LAN wiring hub. With LD-LAN, potential users of enterprise networks located in small, remote locations need no longer be intimidated by the cost and complexity of internetworking products such as bridges, routers, leased lines, and DSU's.
 Extension Technology will exhibit LD-LAN's fractional T1 bandwidth August 25-27 at INTEROP, booth 6744, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. Extension Technology will demonstrate the performance of LD-LAN using a cross country ISDN network spanning five locations.
 Extension Technology is a leader in cost effective LAN networking for remote office connections using high speed switched services. Extension Technology Corp. is located at 30 Hollis Street, Framingham, Massachusetts 01701; telephone 800-856-2672; fax 508-872-7533.
 NOTE: (a) Long Distance LAN, LD-LAN, and Suspend/Resume are trademarks of Extension Technology Corp.
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 /CONTACT: Richard Sterry or Lynn Faust, both of Extension Technology Corp., 800-856-2672/

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Date:Aug 10, 1993

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