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 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Extelcom, one of two nationwide cellular service providers in the Philippines, has selected Motorola's CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) SC(TM) 9600 Base Station System for its digital cellular implementation. Extelcom's transition to digital cellular began earlier this year with the deployment of Motorola's NAMPS (Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service) technology.
 "We have a continuing commitment to provide our customers with the best quality service and as many benefits and features available," stated Runy Sarda, vice chairman of Extelcom. "Our decision to go with the latest in cellular technologies allows us to do just that."
 Extelcom is implementing an aggressive nationwide expansion program based on Motorola-developed NAMPS technology and its large capacity EMX(R) 2500 switch. Initial development of the NAMPS system will be in Manila, the country's largest city, with a population of almost 10 million. It is expected that over 70 percent of the country's cellular users will reside in Manila. Commercial NAMPS service is planned for this year.
 Extelcom's migration to CDMA digital technology includes a system order capable of supporting 40,000 subscribers in the metro Manila area. Implementation of the CDMA system is expected to begin in 1995.
 "Extelcom will be the fourth cellular operator, and the first one outside of the United States, to choose CDMA technology via Motorola's SC 9600 for digital deployment," said Pertti Johansson, vice president and general manager of Motorola's International Cellular Infrastructure Division. "In addition, NAMPS technology, which brings digital features and benefits to cellular subscribers, is continuing to do well throughout the world."
 NAMPS is a digitally enhanced cellular technology that can triple the capacity offered by AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) systems using existing bandwidth while also improving system and call quality. NAMPS-based digital signaling allows operators to offer value-added digital messaging services such as voice mail notification, paging and short messaging to their customers. NAMPS has been selected by major cellular operators worldwide including those in Thailand, Israel, Venezuela and Argentina, for population coverage of almost 40 million. U.S. operators who have adopted NAMPS include Sprint Cellular, U S WEST NewVector and Bell Atlantic Mobile. At the end of 1996, NAMPS was released as a U.S. cellular standard by the TIA (telecommunications Industry Association).
 Motorola's new SC 9600 Base Station System offers unique and cost saving features to operators worldwide through its advanced architecture and compact cell site design. The SC 9600 can support both analog and digital air interfaces within a single cabinet allowing for minimum disruption of service to customers during the transition to digital. (Its compact design reduces system operating and maintenance costs. Major cellular operators have selected the SC 9600 System for digital deployment including U S WEST NewVector, Bell Atlantic Mobile and PacTel in the U.S. and TU-KA Tokyo, TU-KA Tokai and Kansai Cellular Telephone in Japan.
 The CDMA-based version of the SC 9600 offers increased system capacity, up to 10 times that of conventional AMPS systems, and more efficient use of frequency spectrum. Additional benefits to the subscribers include increased talk times for hand portable units, more secure transmissions and special service options such as data, integrated voice and data, fax and tiered services. CDMA is a spread spectrum technology that digitizes and encodes voice signals, scrambling them for transmitting and reassembling them for decoding.
 Motorola is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications and electronic equipment, systems, components and services for worldwide markets. Products include two-way radios, pagers, personal communications systems, cellular telephones and systems, semiconductors, defense and aerospace electronics, automotive and industrial electronics, computers, data communications and information processing and handling equipment. Sales in 1992 were $13.3 billion.
 NOTE: SC is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
 EMX is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.
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 /CONTACT: Judy SooHoo, Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group, 708-632-4474/

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