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 SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- ExproFuels, a division of The Exploration Company (NASDAQ Small Cap: TXCO) was recently awarded a substantial portion of a new contract to convert Louisiana state-owned vehicles to run on alternative fuels. As subcontractor for Ecogas Corp., of Austin, Texas, ExproFuels will be responsible for approximately 50 percent of the total conversion contract, which is estimated at nearly 2,500 vehicles over a seven-year period.
 The project is slated to begin within the next six weeks, with an initial 500 vehicles. The vehicles, ranging from trucks and transport vehicles to state patrol cars, will be converted to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG).
 ExproFuels will build at least one new conversion center to handle the work load. The first will be located in New Orleans. Upon completion of the conversions, Ecogas will supply the LNG and CNG fuel, while ExproFuels will supply the LPG.
 Louisiana is one of several states now mandating that state-run vehicles be converted for alternative fuels use. "We are extremely pleased to be chosen by Ecogas to help complete the Louisiana project. This is to date the largest single conversion project in the U.S., and Louisiana should be proud to be at the forefront of the change to cleaner burning fuels," said Tom Gose, president of ExproFuels. "By setting this example and designing the contract so new fuel stations will be built, the state is paving the way for CNG, LNG and LPG to be available to the public."
 During a press conference at the Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge, La., on Oct. 25, Jerrel Branson, president of Ecogas Corp., noted that increasing evidence points to the need for readily available alternative fuels.
 "...headlines as late as 1977 advised the difficulty of finding diesel fuel and, in fact, new diesel autos included a booklet listing new diesel locations for the new buyer; however, by the early 1980s the fuel was readily available. We believe the current status of NGV refueling centers is analogous to the described situation for diesel only 16 years ago. The initiative of Gov. Edwards' administration provides the necessary impetus for the industry to duplicate the previous diesel experience..."
 In addition to the actual conversions, ExproFuels will supply propane (LPG) at the eight fueling stations contracted to be built. ExproFuels provides conversions for all types of alternative fuels, and is the exclusive marketer and manufacturer of the Greenway system, the first CARB Certified system designed to convert diesel engines to run exclusively on LPG, CNG and LNG.
 Provided the entire 25 percent of the Louisiana fleet is converted, this project will represent $3 million in revenue for ExproFuels, which opened its doors in June of 1993. Since then, ExproFuels has completed projects or signed contracts throughout the state of Texas, in Mexico, and the United States, including contracts with the Texas Department of Transportation, and VIA, San Antonio's public transportation company. Total conversions under contract to the company now exceed 750 in just five months.
 ExproFuels, a division of the Exploration Company which recently completed a $1 million private placement, was founded to meet the increasing demand for public and private alternative fuel needs. ExproFuels provides diesel and gasoline engine conversions to LNG, CNG and LPG, as well as long-term fuel contracts for fleets and public and private fueling stations.
 -0- 11/4/93
 /CONTACT: Tom Gose, president of ExproFuels, 210-490-9400, or Erin Kate Pauken, 210-734-8731/

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Date:Nov 4, 1993

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