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 DETROIT, Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Chrysler Corporation (NYSE: C) debuted three new concept cars for the 1994 auto show circuit on Monday, Jan. 3, at the North American International Auto Show.
 Taking inspiration from big-city taxis and adapting it to the Neon platform, the new Expresso concept vehicle redesigns the "family taxi" and commuter vehicle in a very unique design. With Neon's same fun-to- drive, fuel-efficient attributes, Expresso is neither minivan nor station wagon ... it's a travel-friendly, fuel-efficient and roomy vehicle that is about half the size of a full-size taxi -- with much more personality.
 "We wanted to make Expresso unforgettable," said Neil Walling, director of Advanced and International Design at Chrysler.
 Expresso is about two feet shorter and 15 inches taller than Neon, with the same zippy, 2.0-liter, 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine that gets about 132 horsepower for quick acceleration and power to pass.
 Expresso is big where it counts -- on the inside -- and it has comfort and convenience features that make commuting and traveling both enjoyable and efficient. Storage under the front seats matches airline underseat standards. What doesn't fit under the seat can be placed across the flip-down front passenger seat.
 "When people travel, they pack for a certain mode of transportation," said Walling. "One of the approaches to the interior design of Expresso was to look at the often harried transition from an airplane to a taxi. When you get off an airplane, you have to stuff all your baggage in the trunk of a vehicle that doesn't have any relationship to the one that you just left. It's interesting to us when you design something for a specific use, frequently you find that the family usage is also enhanced. Expresso is simply a more sensible taxi that is also great for families and commuters."
 To ease your travel to the airport or to your next business meeting, Expresso features an entertainment center with a liquid crystal display. Of course, you can also just sit back, relax and play golf, chess or any of a number of computer games on the same entertainment center. Expresso also features a satellite navigational system to point the way to unfamiliar destinations. And to get you to any destination in the least amount of time, it constantly updates road conditions and suggests alternate routes.
 Expresso also features command-of-the-road, high chair seating for greater visibility. And combined with specially designed "sightseeing windows," Expresso goes from safe, efficient commuter and family transportation to the perfect vacation vehicle.
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