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EXPLODING CAT FOOD SHOWERS WOMAN IN MAGGOTS!; Nine out of ten maggots prefer Whiskas.

Byline: Anna Hammond

SUE Crane really did open a can of worms when she fed her cats.

A tin of Whiskas cat food exploded, covering her face and kitchen walls with maggots.

``It was like something out of a horror movie,'' said Sue, of Pontprennau.

``I opened the can, it exploded and there were maggots and flies all over my face.

``I haven't seen anything like it in my life.

``It smelt like someone had died. It was not a good start to the day.'' Sue made the gruesome discovery when she went to feed cats Toby and Naala yesterday morning having bought a six-pack of Whiskas from Asda the day before.

She has since returned the tin to Asda.

``I opened one of the tins the day before and it was fine,'' said 48-year-old Sue. ``I am not sure about the other four because I didn't want to risk opening them. ``The cans weren't damaged.''

Tony Williams, general manager of Asda in Pentwyn said the manufacturer had been contacted.

``I can't explain what has happened here. It was not a very nice thing,'' said Mr Williams.

``We will make sure Mrs Crane is looked after and dealt with properly.''

A concerned spokeswoman for manufacturer Masterfoods said there would be an investigation. ``Cans of Whiskas leave our manufacturing site as sealed units,'' she said.

``It is very rare for these to become damaged during distribution and from the consumer's description it appears that this may have happened in this instance. ``If the can becomes damaged in some way, which may not be visible, air could enter the can and cause decomposition of the product, which could then attract flies which deposit eggs or larvae.''


# A CAN OF...MAGGOTS! Sue Crane of Pontprennau with cats Toby and Naala.; PICTURE: Alan Grist
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 23, 2003
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