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Scotland's new Curriculum for Excellence was branded "vacuous" and "mush" by a leading education expert yesterday.

Lindsay Paterson, professor of education at Edinburgh University and an adviser to the Scottish Parliament, also said the new exams are "boring, dull and unimaginative".

He also claimed the back-to-basics approach Education Minister Michael Gove is taking in England - inspired by his Scottish education - is better for pupils than the reforms championed by the Holyrood government.

New National exams, replacing Standard Grades and Intermediates, are set to start in 2014. They are supposed to move away from traditional subjects and teach pupils life skills and values like citizenship.

Prof Paterson said: "It is very difficult to define what the Curriculum for Excellence is. It had some merit as it was so vacuous no one could object.

"Principles like being citizens are fine. As soon as they attempted to translate these big ideas into reality, what we had was a kind of mush."

But the Scottish Government said: "Curriculum for Excellence will provide young people with an education fit for the future."


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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 31, 2013
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