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EXPERT ADVICE; Your Gardening.

Byline: Adrienne Wild

Could I lose the lot if I pour bathwater on my veg plot? WE 9 have a new water meter so, to cut costs and save supplies, we want to recycle our bathwater for the veggies. Anything we should know? - Luke Matthews, Preston, Lancs wa S h in g 2 machine and bathwater can be used in the garden, but you must not use it on seedlings, salads, leafy veg or strawberries as it could contain chemicals, grease and bacteria. always use it within 24 hours, but don't pour it directly on to plants - only soil.

Getting right to the core of scabby apple problem My 9 apples have scabby marks on them.

What's causing it? - Geri Cousins, Telford, Shrops ThE 2 airborne fungal disease apple scab is the problem, which can survive the winter on fallen leaves and appear as scab marks from mid-spring until leaf fall in autumn. Scabby blotches and cracks later develop on the fruit as it matures and leaves may also fall prematurely. Prune out infected stems and burn the fallen leaves and infected fruit to reduce the amount of fungus spores that will start infections in the next season.

Help me turn my beans into a no-black fly zone My 9 beans are covered in black flies. Can I kill them without chemicals? - Graham Wright, Burnley, Lancs ThE 2 most effective treatment is to wash them off using soapy water. Do this regularly as they'll return a few days later. Plant pot marigolds nearby to encourage pest-eating ladybirds, too.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 21, 2011
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