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NEARLY a quarter of men have admitted to experiencing their own "pregnancy".

According to new research, they feel many of the changes of their expectant partners.

And 83 per cent of men experienced at least one of the symptoms of pregnancy, such as mood swings (26 per cent), food cravings (10 per cent) and even nausea and phantom labour pains (six per cent and three per cent respectively).

They claimed it made them feel closer and more connected to their partner and newborn baby as a result, the nationwide study reveals.

Pampers quizzed more than 2000 mums and dads. The survey also found 74 per cent of men felt more protective towards their partner during pregnancy, more than half felt increased nesting instincts, such as decorating and tidying, and more than a third admitted to feeling more emotional.

. ?The rise in mobile phone use has seen a surge in kids being bullied.

Now a new app claims to help put an end to harmful calls or messages.

The Block'em App puts the individual back in control by barring the bully's number so they don't have to receive unwanted calls or texts without the hassle of having to change their own number.

The bully doesn't know they have been blocked, giving the blocker the upper hand without confrontation.

It is available from the Android App store for pounds 1.79, with 70 per cent of profits going direct to the NSPCC.

Helen Perry, founder of Block'em said: "Block'em will not stop the playground bullies but it will stop them from coming home with your children."

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IN TUNE: Partners can feel 'pregnant'
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 14, 2011
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