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EXPAT SCOT STRIKES LIQUID GOLD IN DESERT; PHENOMENAL OIL WORKER'S DRINK JOY Gasping Glaswegian Hugh, 64, finds beloved Irn-Bru in Kuwait supermarket.. and buys the lot.


AN EXPAT Scot on the hunt for Irn-Bru in the Middle East finally found what he was looking for - and bought a shop's entire supply.

Hugh McEwan, who lives and works in Kuwait, had spent years looking for the popular beverage to cool him down in the 42C heat.

After almost giving up the search, the 64-year-old's "heart missed a beat" when he eventually found cans stocked in a supermarket.

The Glaswegian was so delighted to find our nation's favourite drink that he bought every can on the shelf - and now his collection is taking over his home.

Hugh took pictures of his shopping trolley - showing the 144 cans stacked high - as he wheeled them out.

And at his home in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governate, the cans can be seen slotted neatly into an old wooden chest of drawers.

Hugh, who works as a project director in the oil and gas industry, also stocks them in his fridge.

He forked out 37 Kuwaiti dinar - roughly PS74 - for the haul at the Lu Lu supermarket in Kuwait City, the country's capital.

Hugh said: "You find that Scottish expats will go to great lengths to obtain all things Scottish.

"My son, who is in Afghanistan, even had Amazon send him a few cases of Irn-Bru a few weeks ago.

"While I was on a business trip to Siberia, the people there presented me with a two-litre bottle of Irn-Bru when they found out it was a Glaswegian visiting them."

Hugh uploaded a collection of pictures - including one showing his dog sitting on the cans - to social media.

And he included a caption which read: "Just been to the supermarket here in Kuwait and the wee heart missed a beat when I saw the Irn-Bru on the shelf, so I bought the lot."

Impressed Irn-Bru lovers applauded Hugh for seizing his opportunity.

Maureen Messmarri said: "Best stock up when you see it."

And Lyn Brand wrote: "I did exactly the same thing while living in Saudi.

"Weekend trips to Bahrain to scoop the goodies. Paid a fortune for Irn-Bru ... but what the hell. A wee taste of home."

Eleanor Pirry joked: "That should keep you going for a few days."

Irn-Bru is shipped all over the world, but is notoriously difficult to get hold of in certain countries, where only a few shops stock it.

My wee heart missed a beat when I saw it Hugh McEwan


CHEST THE JOB Hugh's stash

KUWAIT CITY Shop is in capital

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Hugh took snap of his trolley stacked high. Picture: Deadline News

CHILLED The Irn-Bru is just what Hugh needed to cope with heat in Kuwaiti desert

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 19, 2015
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