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PR Newswire, London, November 13. This press release is transmitted on behalf of Domino.

A unique device that allows rings to expand and contract to pass over swollen knuckle joints looks set to aid the many thousands of people in the UK affected by arthritis.

Approximately one in seven people in Britain currently suffer from arthritic or rheumatic diseases and for such sufferers being unable to wear their most treasured and sentimental possessions - their wedding, engagement, or other precious rings - frequently compounds the misery of their ailments.

Domino, the UK's leading supplier of jewellery components, has solved this problem. Its Dovetail spring mechanism, which can be fitted to virtually any type of ring, provides a `stretch' of up to five ring sizes. This means that wearers can pick a ring size that will pass comfortably over the widest part of their finger but which will still grip firmly once the ring is in place.

Money for research

As well as providing a practical solution to a common problem for those with arthritis Domino is also assisting research into the cause of their suffering. For each Dovetail ring sold, Domino has agreed to donate #1 to the Arthritis Research Campaign, the UK's only major medical charity investigating the disease.


Almost all styles of ring can be adapted to incorporate the Dovetail device and it can be used on both new rings and on existing wedding and engagement rings. The Dovetail also provides a comfortable fit in hot weather, and during pregnancy, when hands tend to swell. It can also be worn on different hands and different fingers - a real boon for increasing the versatility of dress rings.

The Dovetail is available in 9ct. and 18ct white or yellow gold and in platinum. It is manufactured as a permanent solution to a wide spread problem and is designed to be long lasting. The cost of adapting an existing ring will depend upon a number of factors, including the type of precious metal used and the thickness and style of the `band' required.

Dovetail rings are available from a selection of stockists countrywide and retail prices range from #200.

Notes to Editors:

The Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC) exists to raise funds to promote medical research into the cause, treatment and cure of arthritic conditions: to educate medical students, doctors and allied healthcare professionals about arthritis and to provide information to people affected by arthritis and to the general public. It is the only major medical research charity in the UK investigating arthritis in all its forms. Tel: 01246 558033


The Dovetail mechanism is available from selected jewellery retailers countrywide. Readers wishing to find a local stockist should ring Claire Denham Smith on 021 237 4943.

Sample rings

If you would like to see a ring containing a Dovetail device please let us know. We have samples made up in silver we will be happy to send you one so that you can see exactly how it works and conduct your own research. Should you wish to borrow gold, platinum or gemset rings incorporating the Dovetail in order to undertake your own photography this can also be arranged.

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Date:Nov 13, 2000
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