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 KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Ewing M. Kauffman, founder of Marion Laboratories, Inc., chairman emeritus of Marion Merrell Dow Inc. and owner of the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club, died during the night at his home. He was 76 years old.
 Mr. Kauffman founded Marion Laboratories in his home in 1950 and guided its growth from a one-man firm to a publicly traded company with sales approaching $1 billion in 1989, when Marion combined with Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Inc. to form Marion Merrell Dow Inc.
 "I am saddened to lose my close personal friend, mentor and business associate of 23 years," commented Fred W. Lyons, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Marion Merrell Dow. "Mr. K was very special to me -- and I know I speak for Marion Merrell Dow associates and retirees in saying that Mr. K and his associates had a very unique relationship -- one of mutual admiration and love. He was so very proud of all of his associates and what they accomplished, and their hearts were full of admiration and respect for him. They always gave him a standing ovation at group gatherings."
 Mr. Lyons continued: "Through Mr. K's roles -- at Marion Laboratories and Marion Merrell Dow, as owner of the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club and as the benefactor of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation -- he directly and indirectly touched millions of lives and helped people become the best they could be. That was his mission: to invest in people, not buildings."
 Joseph G. Temple, Jr., chairman of the board of Marion Merrell Dow, added: "When Marion Laboratories and Merrell Dow merged in 1989, Mr. Kauffman graciously and generously offered me his assistance, counsel and encouragement, and he continued to do so as a friend and as a member of our board of directors. He was a great human being and a true friend. I will very much miss that warm relationship with him."
 Two philosophies guided Mr. Kauffman's business career: treating others as you would want to be treated and sharing the company's success with the people who produce it. The success of Marion was built on practicing those principles, and they are embedded in the core values of Marion Merrell Dow.
 In 1986, Mr. Kauffman established the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which is fully staffed and funded to continue its work in the creation and operation of programs to meet human development needs. The Kauffman Foundation seeks to demonstrate breakthrough solutions that will have a lasting impact, particularly in helping at-risk young people and stimulating the growth of entrepreneurship.
 Robert B. Rogers, president of the Kauffman Foundation, said: "I have been associated with Mr. Kauffman, first at Marion Laboratories for 15 years and more recently at the Kauffman Foundation. He has been a wonderful inspiration to me throughout this association. He also quickly captured the hearts and commitment of all of the Kauffman Foundation associates because of his vision for the organization and because of the fundamental beliefs and values for which he stood, which underlie our work."
 Mr. Rogers continued: "The one thing that stands out most for me in my association with Mr. Kauffman is that he genuinely cared for all people and wanted the best for them. His commitment to give back to the community that enabled him to accumulate wealth is making an enormously positive difference in the lives of Kansas Citians, particularly the disadvantaged, and in the lives of other people in communities around the country because of the dissemination and utilization of programs developed here in Kansas City.
 "He leaves us with the resources and the commitment needed to carry on his work as a philanthropist concerned about helping all people become productive and caring members of society. We will miss him and his leadership in countless ways. We promise to use the resources he has left us wisely and in a manner consistent with his vision of `self- sufficient people in healthy communities'."
 Among the Kauffman Foundation's innovative operating programs:
 --Project STAR, a community-wide program committed to substantially reducing drug and alcohol abuse, teaches drug resistance skills to more than 150,000 students a year.
 --Project Choice, a dropout prevention program for low-income, high- risk high school students, is helping students stay in school by providing various kinds of assistance, as well as tuition for college or trade school as an incentive to graduate.
 --Project Essential, a program to enable students to earn and maintain their sense of self-esteem, assisting youth in their development as capable and ethical human beings.
 --Project Early, a program to promote early childhood development through effective, integrated, comprehensive and community-based support.
 --Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, which identifies the skills necessary for entrepreneurial success, trains entrepreneurs and teaches entrepreneurial awareness to young people in the schools, is stimulating the growth of entrepreneurship.
 Mr. Kauffman had owned the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club since its inception in 1969, when he purchased an American League expansion franchise to keep Major League Baseball in Kansas City. Under Mr. Kauffman's leadership, the Royals developed into one of baseball's most respected and successful organizations, on and off the field. The Royals finished in an unprecedented fourth place in their first two seasons. The club went on to win six American League Western Division titles, two American League pennants and a World Series Championship in 1985. Mr. Kauffman formed the Royal Lancers, a group of the city's civic leaders who act as a season-ticket selling organization, which became a model for all Major League teams. Mr. Kauffman ranked as the second most senior owner in Major League Baseball.
 In July 1993, Jackson County, Mo., which owns the stadium where the Royals play, renamed the ballpark Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, in honor of his civic, business and sports contributions. In May 1993, Mr. Kauffman was inducted into the Royals Hall of Fame.
 "Mr. Kauffman is the reason we have been able to enjoy the Royals and Major League Baseball in Kansas City," said Herk Robinson, Royals executive vice president and general manager. "As in everything, Mr. K put forth tremendous personal energy and resources to make the Royals successful, and his greatest satisfaction in owning the Royals came from providing Kansas City with many thrilling and unforgettable moments. He has been a tremendous inspiration for all of us associated with the Royals, and we will miss him greatly".
 Mr. Kauffman was born September 21, 1916, near Garden City in rural Cass County, Mo., the son of John Samuel Kauffman and the former Effie May Winders. Both are deceased. He earned an associate degree in business from Kansas City Junior College. During World War II, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and attained the rank of Ensign Navigational Officer. He served in Europe and The Philippines and was honorably discharged in October 1945.
 Mr. Kauffman's business, civic and sports leadership brought him many honors. In 1992, he was inducted into the Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame at Babson College in Babson Park, Mass., and into the National Sales Hall of Fame. He had received the Harry S. Truman Foundation's Good Neighbor Award in 1991, the National Heart Association Award in 1981, and the Horatio Alger Award in 1967. He held honorary degrees from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., Drury College in Springfield, Mo., and the University of Missouri-Columbia.
 Mr. Kauffman is survived by his wife, Muriel McBrien Kauffman; two daughters, Julia Kauffman and Marion Sue Kauffman; a son, Larry A. Kauffman; a sister, Ruth Jianas; a nephew, Alex Jianas; nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
 Funeral services and visitation will be private; arrangements are being made for a memorial service on an invitation-only basis. The family requests no flowers and suggests contributions, in lieu of flowers, to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.
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 /CONTACTS: David M. Thompson or Richard M. Johnson of Marion Merrell Dow, 816-966-4000; Robert L. Barrett or Lynn Spencer of Kauffman Foundation, 816-932-1041; or Dean Vogelaar of Kansas City Royals, 816-921-2200/

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