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EVO 2800.

Evosys Laser has released the EVO 2800 universal welding machine for those looking to weld plastics faster and more economically. The new system is suited for use in the automotive sector, as well as in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. Possible applications include the manufacture of sterile packaging, microfluidic components and lab-on-a-chip systems.

Depending on the application, the EVO 2800 can be equipped with different laser sources and optical modules, offering a wide area of operation. It is also available with various online monitoring modules to ensure quality during production. In addition, the system is equipped with intuitive process software, which enables it to implement a wide range of different machining tasks.

With a footprint of approximately 1[m.sup.2], the EVO 2800 fits into most application environments. It is also virtually maintenance-free and service-friendly, making it suitable for 24/7 production. The EVO 2800 is designed for manual assembly by an operator, as well as for automatic assembly by a handling or robot system.

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Title Annotation:LASER SYSTEMS
Publication:Laser Systems Europe
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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